BIG Difference

Nicky 28.08.2015

I have been using a no-name rebounder, and was doing just an ok job, or so I thought. The bounce was leaving, and it was frustrating! I decided to get a bellicon, and was so happy when it arrived. Easy set up, and I went right to work on it! WOW! WOW! What a difference! My workouts were better, but more important the quality and feel on the bounce of the bellicon is incredible! I was able to incorporate the routines from the CD that was with my bellicon. My workout skyrocketed. I work out three times a day for 20 minutes and I sweat more then when I was in a gym for hours. I feel better and my body is really getting toned. I am telling the world about your product, and I even have my husband using it! This is a superior product, well worth the money and so glad I got it! Thanks so much! Nichole

Tags: quality, workout
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