Replaces a complete fitness studio

Rolf Gramlich

"It is my opinion that the bellicon® replaces a complete fitness studio (I have therefore cancelled my membership). For me it is the perfect all over body device. I use it for targeted “weight bearing” exercises, but also to train my cross-country and down-hill condition, simultaneously training my balance. As I’m an enthusiastic biker, I can confirm that I’ve also noticed an improved sense of balance when riding. I do my running training on the device as well. It feels like running in deep snow and is the ideal way to train the muscles in your upper leg and backside. Therefore I’m very enthusiastic.

The bellicon® can really not be compared to other, supermarket trampolines that I have tried (excluding the garden variety). I’ve already told all my friends and acquaintances how satisfied I am and they all want to purchase one after trying it out."

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