Well worth it!

Shelakio 23.02.2015

 I have been using the bellicon classic 44" for a month now 30 min. every day and I just have to say it has been the best exercise I've done my whole life!

I thought that bouncers were just for ladies but this is false. I had some issues with my knees due to running and needed another way to exercise. We purchased a small spring type bouncer for our daughter I ended up using it. After 3 weeks of use and due to my 210 lbs one of the springs broke. That's when we decided to get a really good bouncer and we don't regret doing so!

I highly recommend the bungee style due to the smooth bounce and it doesn't hurt my feet or back like the spring type would! Already lost 5 lbs and possibly more!

Tags: bungee, bounce
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