Susan 01.08.2015

I am a 59 year old woman who has returned to her childhood since getting my 49" bellicon classic. I am having so much fun bouncing and flying - literally feeling weightless - that I spend much longer daily rebounding than I ever intend. It is hard to get off! Plus, I feel like my muscles have toned and I have become stronger which pleases me greatly. I do use an older, stiffer rebounder to do my health bounce practice but it squeaks, makes noise and it not good for any aerobics or jumping, but they complement each other. The bellicon company has been wonderful to work with also as they sent me upon my request strong bungee cords, versus the medium ones that I originally ordered to test out. I ended up keeping the medium ones as for my weight that is what the company recommends and that I found is ultimately best and most fun for me. I had read on internet reviews that many people liked bungee cords one level up from their weight but I did not find that true for me. My bellicon is one of my best and most favorite purchases EVER! I highly recommend it!

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