The bellicon is a dream to jump on

Debra B. 24.03.2014

After spending a few years tempted by the bellicon..I finally made the leap. For years I've used on & off an inexpensive trampoline from a sports store. I did not get much use out of it because it was too small, did not feel safe, loud etc. I still have it because I can't find anyone to take it.

Now the bellicon is a dream to jump on. What a difference. My knees don't hurt like they did when bouncing on the other model. It's so quiet I can watch TV while completing my exercise. I still haven't watched the dvd but I'm in no hurry since I enjoy just bouncing - it raises my heart rate to an aerobic state (which is my main concern). I wear a heart rate monitor to ensure my session reaches the cardio state. It is really easy to get to my target HR & sustain it for the 20-30 minutes. Plus it's fun!

I am so glad I ordered the folding legs model originally I thought I'd keep it in the basement but after using it in the LR..that's where it stays tucked behind the couch when not in use. I refer to my rebounder as belliCAN because that's what it represents to me :-)

Tags: knee, exercise, cardio
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