Lauren at Bellicon customer service was AMAZING

Theresa 07.09.2015

I wanted to share that I had taken my Bellicon with me traveling by plane across country to see my parents a couple of months ago. I was charged an exorbitant price for oversized baggage, which took me by surprise, and I later complained to JetBlue and then sent a message to Bellicon customer about the situation, as I left the trampoline with my parents so as to avoid another $100 baggage fee.

Lauren at Bellicon customer service was AMAZING. She arranged for the Bellicon to be shipped via Fedex for $45 only requiring the trampoline be covered with bubble wrap and then the carrying case also covered with bubble wrap, but no box or anything other than the label.

We needed to send quite a few e-mails back and forth, I was so impressed with her patience and how expertly she handled everything. It's really nice to have a company offer such exemplary customer service - something you don't see very often. While I probably won't bring my trampoline with me next time around, it's so nice to have it back. I had to use my backup Jumpsport and the difference was excruciatingly obvious - it just doesn't even come close to my Bellicon.

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