Everyone loves it!

Wendy W. 24.03.2014

My family has had a spring rebounder for at least 4 years. I believe rebounders are a great health tool but my head could not handle the jarring bounce. Further, the jarring caused other areas of discomfort, so I avoided using it, only the kids did. While researching rebounders for my parents, I found out about bellicon and watched the videos (which were quite convincing) and decided to upgrade. SO GLAD we did. The difference is profound and I can jump multiple times a day without triggering a headache.

Everyone loves it and the truly joyous experience the bellicon provides. Using it has reduced all-over-stiffness, especially in my middle back. We all love it and feel that it was a great investment for our health. Plus no more squealing springs!

Thank you very much for a great product!

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