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Addicted to it for Life
Christina 01.02.2018
I'm really glad I decided to call and talk to a human before making the purchase! Paige, you are such a nice human!:blush: Thank you for being so genuinely friendly and helpful during our conversation! You made it easy for me to make the decision to purchase a bellicon. Thank you for your excellent customer service! Please pass my email along to your manager because I would like him/her to know this about you!
Tags: Cancer, lymph
Cleanse your Lymph System of Toxins
Anonymous 05.12.2017
I bought it after several tramps had their springs gave out and I have been in love with my Bellicon ever since. I bounce literally every day! I know it is helping. For anyone reading this I will list the other things we discovered below, dealing with cancer. But that is why I love my Bellcon and rely on it so much. It is part of what is keeping me alive.
Tags: Cancer
Best rebounder I've purchased!
Mindi 14.07.2014

This is my 4th rebounder and my favorite! I have been rebounding for almost 15 years, I've progressed in quality with each rebounder culminating with the best of the best, the Bellicon. The feel of the Bellicon is similar to jumping on a traditional trampoline. I loved being able to create my own Bellicon! It's quiet. The available workouts are well designed, but since I'm now in my 60's and a breast cancer survivor, I'm no longer interested in the power cardio, but rather the effective lymphatic system rebounding and general easy rebounding for 20 minute time periods.

Healing for body, mind and spirit
Dierdre 20.11.2010

The 44" bellicon rebounder I purchased has proven so far to be one of the best investments for my overall health and wellness! It is a possession that gives back far more than it takes. I am a 43 year old breast cancer survivor who developed osteoporosis. The rebounder has proven to help stop this disease. I am so grateful to be able to treat my condition in a natural and beneficial way. The rebounder is sturdy, quiet and spacious. I am glad I opted for the 44" as it provides plenty of room. Living in an apartment, I am not worried about disturbing my neighbors, as it is so quiet. I love how the rebounder brings out the child in me while building muscles, bones and balance. I do not feel any strain or stress from the bouncing but do feel the invigorating effects on my entire body. Even just a few minutes of bouncing makes a huge difference! I am going back to grad school and moving in with my parents. Looking forward to sharing the rebounder with them. Also grateful to have an at home equipment to make it easy to stay fit. I highly recommend the rebounder by bellicon! It is worth every penny, as I have learned first-hand how priceless good health is.