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Help with lymphatic blockages and fibromyalgia
Sabine Heinermann 23.12.2014
Today I would like to let you know how I feel about my bellicon® rebounder! Really: very little effort, great results! For 2 ½ months now, I have been using my bellicon® 2 – 3 times a day for 5 minutes at a time. It started to have effect immediately as my legs, which were quite swollen due to a lymphatic blockage, became slim again after the first day of bouncing. The pains in my back and legs that always appear due to my fibromyalgia were almost nonexistent due to bouncing on the bellicon® minitrampoline. At the moment I’m almost pain free!
How do you like me now!
Mrs. Doc 09.08.2014

I have had my Bellicon for six months. I am recovering from more than a decade long battle with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. (Not to the mention the fact that I am almost 60 years old). It has taken me a while to build up my stamina. Now I can almost keep up with the beginning workouts that were sent to me by e-mail to get me started.

Not only am I getting to my ideal weight but I am feeling strong and looking quite fit. I love it that I can work out just a few feet from the bed and my husband doesn't hear a things...except at first, the heavy "panting" was an issue!

My doctor was all for me getting some exercise, even though he thought at first the "impact" would be bad for me, so I had to "educate" him on that issue. (Thanks to the information available on your site). We were even able to pay for it through our HSA.

I am looking forward to having my doctor re-check my bone density (probably after using the rebounder for a year) since my doctor was adament that excercise would slow down the loss of bone, but "nothing can be done about replacing it". I tell everyone that asks how I got to be so fit at my age with all the health challenges I have faced. It's the "real deal"!

Best Purchase
Deb 18.06.2014

I thought long and hard about spending 1000.00 plus dollars on another piece of exercise equipment that I probably would put my laundry on. NOT SO......I bounce daily (even if it's only 5-10 minutes)....I have Fibromyalgia and suffer with pain daily. Since using my Bellicon it seems that my muscles are less tense which in return relieves my pain. Muscle tone and core strength are just bonuses.....and it's a ton of fun.......thanks Bellicon for building such a wonderful piece of equipment.

I have fibromyalgia and rebounding helps me
Anneli 23.03.2014

I recently gathered pages and pages of motivational quotes and phrases that I post on my fridge and circulate to encourage me to make the right choices regarding health. I came across this one “Find ways to nurture yourself without food”. This had me pondering as eating has been my general fix or excuse for many years. What could actually come close I wondered? I decided that rebounding on my bellicon would be that thing.

I am enjoying my bellicon so much. It really is amazingly different than my old one. I describe in mountain bike terms; it is like going from a hard tail bike to one with full suspension. I almost think I get a harder workout yet so much easier on the joints. Any amount of time spent on there is literally “uplifting” and makes me so happy.

I have fibromyalgia and rebounding is a large part of what keeps me going and managing it well. Rebounding over the last 3 years has made me mentally sharper and I think more clearly and focused when regularly rebounding. However on my old rebounder, when really having a rough day- I just felt like I would break on my old Cellersizer so wouldn’t get on. I think the bellicon now will be really important on my bad days. The bellicon gently invites me to get on and as I healthbounce, I can slowly feel like I am coming to life and eventually pick up speed and then do bounce and get off the rebounder feeling much more energized, alert and hopeful to manage this crazy illness.

Also I should say that rebounding overall since the last 3 years has broken an almost 30 year cycle of chronic sinus infection that would come twice a year and last for 2-3 weeks. I actually have broken a record now and not been ill with the sinuses for over one whole year.

I wish I could convince anyone with a chronic illness of any kind – how important this piece of equipment is. Used regularly (and who wouldn’t want to as it is so fun and right there in your home)- it has the capacity to turn your health around. A small investment really for so many future years of improved health.