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Best Rebounder and Product Support Ever
David 18.12.2015

Our son has some disabilities and uses a rebounder for hours a day to dissipate energy and anxiety. We have tried all of the major brands and this product greatly exceeds all others in design, build quality and product support.

We have literally gone through several dozen lesser rebounders (including Cellercise) and nothing compares with this product. Not to say we don't wear out mats and bungees (with multiple hours of rebounding each and every day), but Lauren and team Bellicon stand by their product and warranty and have always replaced mats and other durable items in accordance with the warranty. The frame remains completely "bulletproof" and I would easily have replaced numerous others in the several years we have owned this premium Bellicon.

In short-our family cannot offer anything but the highest praise for this fine product, company, and staff!

Changed my Life
JRF 07.02.2015

I'm an Army veteran with 30 years of service that left me pretty broken from the waist down with screws in my feet and ankles, and I never thought I'd be able to achieve this level of fitness again. The Bellicon helped me get back in control of my health - i've lost weight, toned up and lowered my blood pressure - all within the 1st month I had it. I work it into every day even if it's just for 10 minutes (although I usually go a lot longer just because I enjoy it). I'd had a Cellerciser previously, but that was like jumping on a concrete floor compared to the Bellicon. Thanks for military discount - it helped me get into it a whole lot sooner!

The very best rebounder money can buy!
Katmomma3 27.01.2015

You know you got your monies worth and then some when the cost doesn't matter. That is what bellicon delivered. I have a Jumpsport, a Cellerciser, a Needak and then a bellicon. The bellicon is the best and the one I recommend to my friends not on a tight budget. The quality is top notch. When using it I feel that this is what every rebounder should feel like. bellicon lives up to its reputation without a doubt.

I'm so grateful to Bellicon for curing my plantar fasciitis, which I suffered with for several months...
Candy Hill 05.09.2014

I just wanted to praise Bellicon for your excellent follow-up and customer care - it is really incomparable to other rebounder companies by far.

Today I received my second Bellicon - I bought my first one last year and it goes in my office for my daytime bouncing and my second one was for my living room for night-time bouncing during tv commercials. It was hard to justify a second Bellicon, but at the end of your summer sale, I finally "justified" it to myself then :-)

My previous rebounders were a Rebound Air which was pretty worthless - a very hard bounce and the springs were constantly breaking. Gave that away within a year or less and bought a Cellerciser (that was way before Bellicons were available in the U.S.). The Cellerciser was better, but, still, with those springs, a hard and jarring bounce and I sometimes had knee problems with it.

Gave the Cellerciser away to a church rummage sale last year and invested in the Bellicon and have never looked back. Of course, the bounce is like jumping on a cloud; SO smooth and fluid - not to mention whisper quiet... But, the main thing I'm so grateful to Bellicon is for curing my plantar fasciitis, which I suffered with for several months previous to buying my first Bellicon. PF is a very painful condition and no one really knows the cause - certain feet ligaments in the arch of the foot are inflammed and it is a very painful condition which I had in both feet! I had to wear special shoe inserts and do special stretching exercises (which only helped for a short time each day), but for most part of every day I was in a great deal of pain and tried to stay off my feet as much as possible. Sometimes at home I had to walk with a walker or cane and a few times at night, I literally had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the bathroom because it was so painful to put any weight at all on my feet. I was one miserable human being for many, many months because not much was really helping me.

But, when my first Bellicon arrived, I wondered if maybe this might help my condition since I read on the net somewhere where it cured another person of this condition. So, I slowly started bouncing, with shoes on, for just a minute or two at a time, as the pain would allow. For about the first month, I could only gently bounce for a few minutes each day, with shoes on, but after that, I was able to slowly up my time on the Bellicon and, over time, was able to take my shoes off to bounce, then just wore socks, and then, finally, to bounce barefoot! And, within a few months or less, my plantar fasciitis was completely gone! And, now, several months later, it is still gone. Threw away the shoe inserts and now I go barefoot most of the time indoors and, of course, bounce barefoot as well. The Bellicon was the *only* thing I did differently in my daily routine, so I know this is what cured me...!

Of course, there have been other improvements in my health, such as a significantly lower resting heart rate within a month (from 75 to 55), lowered blood pressure down to a normal level, pelvic floor muscles almost immediately strengthened, stronger internal cells (which I can't see, but I know they are stronger), etc. But, the curing of my plantar fasciitis was the most significant condition that was relieved which had a major impact on daily life...

I wrote Phillip and Lauren, plus, posted my story on the Bellicon Facebook page, just in case there were others with this foot condition that could perhaps be helped by my story.

In any case, I diverged here, as I really just wanted to write to say how great your follow-up care is with the Bellicon! The jump start emails were great, I always follow your Facebook page for updated info. and I love all the Bellicon workouts that you send with the Bellicon as well as the many YouTube videos to be found. The other rebounders I've had in the past did zero follow-up, and it just shows you what a superior company Bellicon is. You all don't forget about your customers once you sell them a Bellicon and this is much appreciated.

I also appreciated the safety instructions sent with each Bellicon - these are very practical and needed as well...

Please keep up the good work, good luck with sales, and, with me, you have a customer for life...


Candy Hill of Rector, Arkansas

I didn't know what I was missing until I tried the bungee Bellicon
Gayle 11.08.2014

I have a spring Bellicon and a Cellercizer, but I didn't know what I was missing until I tried the bungee Bellicon.

My first impression after my first few bounces was that it is really quiet. Then I put my other rebounders right next to it and jumped back-and-forth.

There is no comparison! The bungee Bellicon is far superior! It is so quiet I don't have to worry about waking my husband up as I bounce away into the night.

I was considering the larger one because I wanted to have lots of room. I am 5'5" and the 44 inch is just the right size. I have the extra strong bungees and even though I am below the weight limit for them (I don't think I've ever said that before) they are perfect.

I was going to keep one of my spring rebounders as a backup, but I don't think I ever want to use them again.

My son has been using a Cellerciser for the past 3 yrs and a ReboundAir before that.
Linda Auger 11.08.2014

Dear folks at Bellicon, I bought my son one of your trampolines and it arrived on Monday. My son has been using a Cellerciser for the past 3 yrs and a ReboundAir before that.

My son Carmen is soon to be 18yrs 175lb athlete. He also has profound autism. He can be very difficult if he does not have an outlet that allows him to expend energy. He can not go out alone nor does he want to because of the severe nature of his disability he has significant sensory issues. So, this is his ONLY outlet.

The cellerciser he was using had the matt replaced and most of the springs. The force that he jumped typically resulted in 5-7 broken springs weekly, not to mention it was awful to jump on. The first time he jumped on the Bellicon we video taped it in slow motion. I wish you could see it!! PURE JOY!!! He loved it The bounce is so smooth, not at all jarring. AND it is so quiet!! If you are ever in the Boston area I invite you to come see him on it.

A special thank you to your staff who were so professional, patient with all my questions prior to ordering, and very knowledgeable in your product. (Romee and Lauren) I think I have finally found a quality product that will last. Thank you, Linda Auger

I just bought my 2nd Bellicon...
Casey Kinn 04.06.2014

I just bought my 2nd Bellicon(. 44 classic w/ folding legs) to back up my premium 49'er that I've owned for 3 years.... In a very special way the Bellicon has somewhat changed my life for the better that no other exercise/ piece of equipment has been able to do and it is one of my most prized possessions that I currently own and am happy to now own a smaller one for travel purposes... I would seriously sacrifice my flat screen tv and my mountain bike before I would cut loose of my Bellicon... I too owned a Cellerciser...I loved it at first and had major issues with it breaking down ( springs) after 6 months after owning it and having to listen to David Hall (Cellerciser founder/ owner) spew his sale pitches about it was user error and not a quality issue with the unit... Also how they critique bungees as being inferior to springs( see you tube video)... BTY I have NEVER heard or seen where Bellicon has been critical of another competitors product... They( Bellicon) just focus on " how can we make our rebounder the Best" and strive for excellence... I seriously doubt that is there is a sane customer out there that feels like he/she was duped out of their hard earned money when they bought their Bellicon..and finally when you have the best product on the market you don't have to worry about what others are doing... Never ever apologize for quality... Bellicon is simply the best and once you have the best you can never settle for less...thanks guys!!!!

Belli Gone With Bellicon
Kristin Nekrash 23.03.2014

I received my pink bungee bellicon the day after Valentine’s day (2012) and have been bouncing for 2 ½ months. Having had previous rebounding experience from a Cellerciser, I have been able to do 20 minutes of jumping per day for my routine. I have to say that the bellicon and Cellerciser are worlds apart for what they do for your body and how they feel. As happy as I was to get the Cellerciser over a year ago, it didn’t take long before I lost the desire to use it regularly. It started to feel like a chore, the springs were squeaky and I wasn’t really experiencing the results I expected. This problem has been solved with my new bellicon, as every bounce feels light, fun, and easy on my joints! I feel as excited about my bellicon today as the day I got it! The freedom of movement and the silence of the bounce are amazing. I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up or rattling the bird cage with every bounce. I can hardly walk by it without wanting to get on and bounce away! Setting it up in front of the TV is also possible now as the TV stand doesn’t shake and I can hear the program over the silence of the bounce. Time flies by as I bounce with glee.

For many years, I have not been able to lose more than 2-5 pounds at any given time despite exercising, outdoor activities and diet; however, I have lost 30 pounds now using my bellicon and I look forward to my 20 minute routine every morning. I’m also happy that I’m able to jump indoors, as I’m 5’11” and only have an 8 foot ceiling. I actually get great air time on the bellicon and have not hit my head on the ceiling, so that’s exciting! Without a doubt, bellicon is the best rebounder you could possibly own, and you definitely get what you pay for: stunning quality, great aesthetics, responsive bounce and a pleasure to use! I’ve also enjoyed the larger size, as I purchased the 49” Premium model. It really does free you up to do different moves and workouts and certainly increases the enjoyment factor. One of my birds even likes to sit on my shoulder as I lightly bounce – he’ll spread his wings out and balance if I increase the force of my jump. You know you’ve got a quality piece of equipment when your pets want to join in too! :D

I feel like a new person. My alertness throughout the day is improved, my sleep is better, the weight is dropping off, muscles are appearing toned for the first time in my life, and I actually enjoy working out, which is something I never liked doing before. No need to own a barrage of target exercise equipment or purchase a gym membership. bellicon can fit into your life easily and help you in so many categories. I wish I had access to this many years ago, but am thankful that I have one now. My boyfriend also loves it and wants one of his own!

Thank you bellicon for changing my life!

Simply the best
Cinshad 03.10.2013

I have had my bellicon 49" with two hand rails for a month. I had a cellerciser for a few years. I love the quality of the bellicon. The workmanship is superior. My dad, a retired engineer commented on the quality of each component starting with the fantastic packaging. We were both impressed. I love it. The bounce is fun, smooth and silent. The folk there are helpful and give lots of support. I am glad I have my bellicon. No buyers remorse. Worth the price, every cent. They also have a Facebook page with lots of fun videos for all levels, and helpful information. Thanks Bellicon.

thank you for such a great healing product
Amanda Haley 12.08.2013

When I originally bought the Cellerciser I thought - this is a good price compared to the bellicon - but when I jumped on the bellicon - it was like going from a Ford Taurus to a Mercedes Benz!!!!! Well worth every penny! I wish I would have known and recommended the bellicon instead of the cellerciser to our patients - but from now on we will. Thank you for a great, healing product