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Better than JumpSport
Catarina 16.04.2015

I have been using my bellicon rebounder for some time now and I absolutely love it. When I first received the rebounder, I thought it was a little stiffer than I imagined it would be but it quickly loosened up. I'm really happy I upgraded from my JumpSport which was only available in the 39" size. The extra 5" really makes a difference in my workout and the bounce is not as stiff because of it.

Another great feature that is much better than my JumpSport is the way the legs easily fold up to allow me to quickly store the trampoline after I use it. On my Jumpsport, I had to use a tool to unscrew the legs and it took about five minutes instead of the 15 seconds it takes with my bellicon and doesn't require a tool. The design is also very sturdy and doesn't squeak at all.

My only complaint, is about the high cost of shipping the rebounder. There isn't a showroom in San Francisco where I live and so I had no choice but to pay for the shipping. It originally, prevented me from purchasing the bellicon because it felt as if I was being ripped off by the high cost and is why I purchased the JumpSport instead which had free shipping and seemed like a comparable product. I'm glad I switched now though and I'm no longer getting pain in my knees and don't feel like my spine is being impacted anymore.

Thank you,

The very best rebounder money can buy!
Katmomma3 27.01.2015

You know you got your monies worth and then some when the cost doesn't matter. That is what bellicon delivered. I have a Jumpsport, a Cellerciser, a Needak and then a bellicon. The bellicon is the best and the one I recommend to my friends not on a tight budget. The quality is top notch. When using it I feel that this is what every rebounder should feel like. bellicon lives up to its reputation without a doubt.

Way better than Jumpsport!
Lynne 09.02.2012

This is my second rebounder - my first was a JumpSport and my new one is a bellicon 49" with folding legs. Here is my comparison of both: 1. Both are quiet. They use similar technology utilizing a bungee cord type of suspension system - no noisy springs. One bonus that the JumpSport did have, though, is adjustable tension. With the bellicon, you have to select the "firmness" of the tension bands and they are not adjustable (but you can purchase different bands if you choose.) 2. Folding legs on the bellicon are a HUGE convenience. It makes it quick and easy to store or transport. Even though my JumpSport was much smaller, it took up more storage space. 3. The bellicon has a softer bounce. 4. bellicon is bigger. I LOVE bigger! You can do moves that you can't do with a smaller mat. More variety makes for more fun, less boredom, and a more dynamic workout. You can focus on working out, not where you have to place your feet so you stay on the mat. I can't emphasize enough how much more enjoyable it is with the larger jumping surface. Summary: For me, the 2 big sell points are the bigger mat and the folding legs. More fun, more convenient... and worth it to spend the extra dough!