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So Versatile!
LivraynesMom 23.02.2016

I've had my classic 49" Bellicon with screw-in legs for about 2 weeks now. I love it as much as I thought I would and am not disappointed with it at all. I have fibromyalgia and I was looking for something that would get my heart rate up, but not too high and that wouldn't make me feel like I've been hit by a mack truck after I was done (like most exercise other than walking does to me). I'm 43 years old with two young daughters ages 3 and 5 (almost 6) and I have had them get on the Bellicon every day before school for a few minutes and at night before dinner and it has done wonders for their fun-factor and "getting the wiggles out" of their systems. I've never seen them smile as much as when they're dancing and bouncing on the Bellicon to their favorite music.

I'm hoping that moving more and doing it more often (because I'm not always trying to recover from a workout) will help me lose weight steadily and safely, as well as keep my eating regimen in control (I've stopped eating grains/breads/sugar in the last 6 weeks). I love how convenient it is to get on it for a few minutes at a time with next to no prep (taking off my socks!) and can stop at any time without any negative impact. I can exercise as strenuously or as lightly as I want, and I'm amazed at how much it challenges my balance and rhythm as I get used to it. This is by far the best investment I've made, despite having a skeptical husband that thought this was another one of my hair-brained ideas that will fade after I buy it. But not so far, and I don't see it happening. You can't help but feel energized, detoxified and wonderful after a bounce session. My husband has not tried it yet, but I hope he does and then our whole family will be grinning from ear to ear more! Thank you for a great product!!

Worth its weight in gold!
Kimmy 26.02.2015

I've owned a transcription business, Shadow Systems, Inc., for over 20 years. We transcribe corporate and independent video production company programs for many Fortune 500 companies. My transcription business requires a lot of sitting! This Christmas I received a 49 inch bellicon Rebounder as a gift. I keep my bellicon Rebounder in an exercise room next to my office. Being able to take short 5 minute breaks each hour to work-out on my bellicon really helps to motivate me—it gets me up and out of my chair and moving! And, the bellicon Rebounder is so well-made that it's just a pleasure to workout on! I find my Bellicon workouts keep me fresh and focused throughout the day!

Overall, I feel so blessed to have a Bellicon. I'm able to exercise while my son naps, and it's so FUN! As a previous full marathoner and high impact exerciser, the Bellicon feels so good on my knees. There are so many benefits to rebounding and my body is already thanking me. Weight loss has been steady and I feel great! In addition, the Bellicon YouTube videos are a wonderful resource for workouts and information!

Keep up the great work, Bellicon!! It's time to bounce... : )