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Best Rebounder Ever!!
Monique Brockley Drinkman 24.08.2015

I was pleasantly surprised how quiet and comfortable it is to use the Bellicon Rebounder. I had a soft bounce Needak Rebounder in the past and did not enjoy it as much as I wanted due to the noise of the springs. Not a problem with the Bellicon Rebounder with it's bungee ropes. No one knows I'm exercising now! The Bellicon Rebounder also takes comfort to another level. The mat has a really nice feel to it. Jumping is fun and painless even with my knees getting older :)

I wanted to mention to Karen that there are many videos from different Bellicon enthusiasts on YouTube. She should check them out.

Do yourself a favor, don't settle for a cheap brand.

Tags: needak, comfort
The very best rebounder money can buy!
Katmomma3 27.01.2015

You know you got your monies worth and then some when the cost doesn't matter. That is what bellicon delivered. I have a Jumpsport, a Cellerciser, a Needak and then a bellicon. The bellicon is the best and the one I recommend to my friends not on a tight budget. The quality is top notch. When using it I feel that this is what every rebounder should feel like. bellicon lives up to its reputation without a doubt.

My back is stronger
Lindsey Rike 23.03.2014

Since I’ve started rebounding, I’ve done different intensities, and they all seem to be effective. I have noticed that my back is stronger and I have less random sciatic pain. My waist has also come in a noticeable amount, which is surprising, because I’ve always been pretty straight waisted.I’ve also noticed that my chest is stronger, as if I had been doing chest presses but I’ve only been rebounding.

I’m still amazed at the quality of the bellicon. It’s so sturdy and quiet. I saw the movie “Jackass” and they had a rebounder, which I think was a Needak. It looked small and they guy that stepped on it didn’t even bounce, just stepped right on to the ground. The bellicon is much higher up so you’re not going to hit the ground while rebounding. I’m so glad I get to use a bellicon, it’s going great and I’m loving it and it’s so easy to do.

Tags: back, chest, needak
On a ten scale I would give the Bellicon a ten
Harry Carrel 31.07.2013

I picked up my bellicon today. What a huge difference between it and my Needak. There really is no comparison. On a ten scale I would give the bellicon a ten and my Needak a 2-3. Great showroom and staff in Chicago. Thank You.