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Not only our clients, but also many experts with the most diverse specialisations are so convinced by the bellicon® that we are permitted to use them as a reference. This makes us proud and might answer one or the other question you have for us.

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The bellicon® re-strengthens the core and pelvic floor
Vicky Warr, Prenatal & Post Natal Expert
The bellicon re-strengthens the core and pelvic floor, tones your stomach and helps lose the baby weight safely after pregnancy. The bellicon provides unique benefits that address the physical changes and differences to a women’s body after pregnancy and beyond, to provide a very effective, safe, fun and convenient way to exercise. These are the key reasons, I recommend the bellicon to all my postnatal clients.
A perfect exercise device for the overweight
Dr. Hans H. Langer, chairman of the Niedersachsen Gymnastics Federation (NTB) for sports health
“The bellicon® is an ideal exercise device for the overweight, who can walk and jump on the devices without damaging their joints, as well as for the elderly or users with movement restrictions like for example muscle weakness or back problems. We use these rebounders to do sport with the overweight, especially children, who despite their excess weight are finally able to move freely. It is especially effective with music, as this takes their mind off the cardiovascular impact and thus allows for playful practice. Using the bellicon® rebounders for ski exercises is equally effective. The muscles typically used for skiing can be stimulated and jumps can be performed without putting pressure on the back.”
This miracle product can fit any age group
By Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta, Chiropractic Center Hannover
“The bellicon® is in my eyes the best possible product to exercise capable. It allows to escape the negative effects of gravity encountered on walking or running. This miracle product can fit any age group. It provides movement, stimulate mobility for all structures of the body and as logical consequences plays a positive role against premature aging, stiffness and slows down degenerative changes. All together regular use of the bellicon provide movement, stimulate mobility for all structures of the body and as logical consequences plays a positive role against premature aging, stiffness and slows down degenerative changes. We highly recommend the bellicon®.”
The bellicon® provides the gentlest impact effect on the joints
By Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila, Adjust To Health
Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila
"Rebounding on the bellicon® is a wonderful, reinvented way of physical activity that is fun, effective and brings a plethora of health benefits. Easy to use in any environment – indoor or outdoor at the time convenience that suits you versus a fixed schedule of a gym class. The jumping action on the sprung base of the bellicon® provides the gentlest impact effect on the joints and consequently the least compression damage. The jump facilitates the venous and lymphatic system drainage by increasing the gravitational pull and stimulating the valves to pump effectively...
Many benefits of the bellicon® training
By Paul Kaye, course tutor and consultant at Rebound Therapy UK
“We had been looking for some time to find a mini trampoline that was suitable for disabled people to use as a complementary activity to their Rebound Therapy programme. Most rebounders on the market have a bounce that is too hard for the clients we work with, but we heard about the bellicon® and agreed to trial it for a period of five months using people with a wide variety of disabilities. We found that the bellicon® with its elastic cables and slower, softer bounce is an ideal product for our purposes: it is fun, gives confidence in movement, is usually achievable (good target/goal setting), develops fitness and gives general confidence and a feeling of well being.”
Bone loss stopped by bouncing on a bellicon® rebounder
Dr. Joachim Schulz, osteoporosis specialist
“Bouncing on a highly flexible trampoline affects our whole body. Everything is trained. Whilst descending, our muscles, sinews, ligaments and bones are slightly pressed together by the force of gravity, and then relaxed again whilst moving upwards. So by bouncing on the trampoline, all the cells in our organism are effectively trained. Following a study with osteoporosis patients, we were able to clearly prove that bone loss was stopped by workouts on a bellicon® mini trampoline. Coordination and reflexes were definitely improved, which also prevents breakages, and by training on the trampoline the bone density levels remained stable.”
The bellicon® helps to regenerate the pelvic floor
Gisela Schirmer, physiotherapist and pelvic floor specialist
“By regularly swinging on the flexible bellicon® mini trampoline, the blood circulation and ability to react in the pelvic floor area are improved; the cells are better nourished and sustain the task not to rest and drop!! Many woman, and not only those with slight pelvic floor problems but also those who according to their doctor’s diagnosis need an operation, have recovered by training on the bellicon®. The same thing is applicable here: use the muscles, boost your cells or forget it! Or as the saying goes: use it or lose it! Through continuous practice, the pelvic floor’s retaining ability can be considerably improved.”
The bellicon® is a substantial help towards improving spiritual fitness
Dr. Siegfried Lehrl, President of the Association for Training the Brain (GFG)
“I had the opportunity to try out a bellicon® myself and to observe and question other people – ranging from a child aged 3 to seniors – whilst they were on it. Whilst observing, I was particularly interested in the application possibilities that would aid the advancement of spiritual fitness. Until now I felt that, amongst the exercise forms I was familiar with, nothing could beat Nordic Walking. The first practical experiences revealed however that certain selected exercises on the bellicon® were even better for spiritual efficiency. Physiologically, the oxygen conversion could be the same for both, but the protection offered to the joints and the lymphatic drainage level could actually be higher when using the trampoline.”
Finding the «balance of life» with the bellicon® rebounder
Dr. Dieter Breithecker, director of the federal association bag
“The highly flexible, rope ring suspended mini trampoline can make an essential contribution in restoring the balance of life for all age groups. The elastic rope rings allow for very gentle and harmonic bounce amplitudes, which present elementary stimuli for our vestibular proprio-receptive functions (balance abilities) and thus for our body perception as well as our posture coordination. These stimulating processes constitute an important basis for the plasticity of the brain (ability of the brain to shape and adjust). Together they improve our metabolism and in particular take care of a better adjustment and processing level in the brain.”
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Diverse training that's fun and easy on the joints
Laura Philipp, Triathlete and physiotherapist
„Durch meine Ausbildung zur Physiotherapeutin weiß ich, dass Leistungssport kein Gesundheitssport ist. Um gesund zu bleiben und meinem Körper keinen Schaden zuzufügen, bin ich auf der Suche nach einer gelenkschonenden Trainingsvariante gewesen, die mir Spaß und Abwechslung in mein Training bringt. So bin ich auf das bellicon Trampolin gestoßen. Mit dem bellicon® kann ich unter anderem meine Tiefenmuskulatur und meinen Beckenboden stärken und habe so mehr Kraft in meinen triathlonspezifischen Trainingseinheiten. Das Springen auf dem bellicon regt den Lymphfluss an und hilft meinen Körper nach harten Einheiten sich schneller zu regenerieren.“