The bellicon® provides the gentlest impact effect on the joints

By Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila, Adjust To Health
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"Rebounding on the bellicon® is a wonderful, reinvented way of physical activity that is fun, effective and brings a plethora of health benefits. Easy to use in any environment – indoor or outdoor at the time convenience that suits you versus a fixed schedule of a gym class.

The jumping action on the sprung base of the bellicon® provides the gentlest impact effect on the joints and consequently the least compression damage. The jump facilitates the venous and lymphatic system drainage by increasing the gravitational pull and stimulating the valves to pump effectively.

In addition, because of the relative unstable base, rebounding improves balance, equilibrium and posture by activating the proprioception system that control the orientation and positioning of the body in space.

Wonderful equipment, with options to various type of exercise – aerobics, weight strength, balance, detox - lymphatic drainage that offer tremendous health contribution and most importantly with the advantage of protective effect on the joints whilst exercising."

Dr. Gabriela John-Chirila BSc(Hons), MSc
Doctor of Chiropractic, Adjust To Health

Phone: +44 (0)1908 242411

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