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Dr. Dieter Breithecker, director of the federal association bag
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“As director of the federal association for the advancement of posture and motion (registered association), I more and more often meet people – of all age groups – whose psychological-physical health is out of balance.

A real reason for this lies in the hectic, travel intensive, every day pressures that trigger the coordination of our senses to malfunction. The dominance of our visual and acoustic system, at total potential of the sensory information whilst accomplishing every day responsibilities, can actually be assumed. The scale of sensory information thereby shifts more and more, to the disadvantage of the vestibular-proprio-receptive parts.

An extensive detection system is present in our body (inner ear, joints, muscles and sinews) that is responsible for our physical and motion senses. If this detection system doesn’t work perfectly, we are not able to achieve proper posture and motion. Furthermore, the consequences of the faulty wiring in the centre of the brain show what disrupts a balanced physical, spiritual and psychological state.

Due to this unbalanced sensory coordination, already a third of children and youngsters between 4 and 17 (35 percent) are no longer able to keep their balance whilst walking two or more paces backwards on a 3cm broad beam. Whilst balancing on a special bar which is used for balancing tests, 86 percent of the boys and girls weren’t able to stand on this bar for one minute without touching the floor with the soles of their feet. The older they were, the more this occurred.

bellicon®, a contribution towards reactivating neglected senses

The highly flexible, rope ring suspended mini trampoline can make an essential contribution in restoring the balance of life for all age groups.

Its prominent position as far as healthy backs are concerned has already been expressed by the “seal of approval” received from the AGR (association for healthier backs). Due to the flexible rope ring suspension, the bellicon® trampoline enables walking, running and swinging exercises which are very gentle on the joints and boost complex posture muscles. The bellicon® trampoline however is especially important for strengthening both the “outer” as well as the “inner” balance.

The swing sensitive rope rings allow for very gentle and harmonic swing amplitudes, which present elementary stimuli for our vestibular proprio-receptive functions (balance abilities) and thus for our body perception as well as our posture coordination. Nowadays there is sufficient scientific awareness about the meaning of this vestibular proprio-receptive stimulus. These stimulating processes constitute an important basis for the plasticity of the brain (ability of the brain to shape and adjust). Together they improve our metabolism and in particular take care of a better adjustment and processing level in the brain.

He who regularly exercises is also mentally more balanced and fitter

As scientists, based on modern image guided procedures, have been able to prove in the last few years, exercise and in this case especially the closely associated physical sensory (vestibular proprio-receptive functions) contribute to the areas of the brain - stressed by this – to release nerve protective substances which ensure the connection and sustainment of neuronal structures and aids the metabolism of the nerves.

Furthermore, the self-determined swinging on the bellicon® trampoline is very good for improving your inner balance. Every living being strives to find their ‘Inner balance”, as this enables their sense of wellbeing. Scientists call this tendency towards balance, homeostasis. With this they don’t just mean physiological adjustment procedures, for example the rise in blood pressure and heart frequency whilst climbing stairs, but also self regulation of the spiritual and psychological balance.

Thus, the bellicon® is an important concept in psychology, as many theorists were and are convinced that we people aspire to achieve psychological balance. A stress free condition resembling total equilibrium. Stressed grandchildren for example are calmed down by their mother’s cradling. Gentle, individual and balanced vestibular impulses create a feeling of wellbeing. Therefore, many people with chronic pain can influence their individual “flowing balance” by gently swinging on the bellicon® trampoline.”


Dr. Dieter Breithecker, director of the federal association bag
Kirchhohl 14
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