The bellicon® is striking me

Guus van der Meer, a pioneer of modern vibration training
Picture of Guus van der Meer

“The bellicon® rebounder, the brand name of the mini trampoline makes a big difference in comparison to all the other mini trampolines I know. I bought one myself, for use at home, so I know whereof I speak. Because the trampoline is so good, the effect of rebounding is much greater in comparison to other trampolines.

Training on the bellicon® is very subtle an effective

The effect is so subtle and so effective that even patients with severe back problems on special programs quickly recover and freely participate in the lessons.

The fact that older people can also attend the classes, even without the special support handles that are designed for them, is surprising to me. I do not need to explain that the moving surface is a challenge for the sensory-motor activity and completely fits the current trend of training on an unstable surface.

What is also striking me is that the overweight participants are also visibly enjoying the moments of floating. Multiple bungee-elastics are available, suited to the weight of the participants. Both from a physiological and cardiovascular perspective, rebounding is of the most effective forms of exercising.

Even older and overweight people enjoy it

I find it very nice that the bellicon® can also be deployed in other classes, such as circuit, current form or shape. They pose a challenging part of all classes.”


Guus van der Meer, a pioneer of modern vibration training

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