A bellicon® rebounder is the best investment for the group fitness division

Isabella Kocyla, group fitness coordinator Aggua Sports Club
Picture of Isabella Kocyla

“Since March 2010, our members have been training enthusiastically and with motivation on the bellicon® rebounder. It offers our sports club an intelligent, whole body, workout of a special kind. For our Group Fitness division it was the best possible investment you can imagine. Sensational! Especially our “best age” members love these courses, but so of course do our youngsters.

At the core of this training stands the bellicon® premium, on which we bounce continuously for 30-45 minutes. Gentle to intensive movements to motivating music from the first to the last minute, combined with necessary strength exercises for the torso- and leg muscles, ensure that every cell in our organism is continuously tensed and relaxed something which is very noticeable, according to our members.

At our Group Fitness division, we were especially able to inspire those members who didn’t like to do classes and who now regularly leave a bellicon® class smiling and return for more. A high fun factor is therefore guaranteed.”

Isabella Kocyla, group fitness coordinator Aggua Sports Club
Aggerdamm 22
53840 Troisdorf

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