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Oliver Härting, health coach
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“The modern day trend seems to be: higher, faster, further….adjustment is necessary to be able to successfully live a balanced life at all levels. But how to achieve this rethink? Being active regularly enables us to cope with new challenges in a relaxed manner. The trainings device of the moment, a bellicon® mini trampoline with a highly flexible rebounding mat, leaves nothing to be wished for. An eventful day, where learning is fun, finds exertion and relaxation.

I offer myself and my clients this big slice of health every day. On the bellicon® rebounder I can bounce, take it easy or deeply relax, but also really train my condition, coordination and strength when I jog on the trampoline. A natural running movement optimizes my outer and inner posture and thus the interaction between all aspects of life.

A trainings device, derived from nature, the movement, swinging in a woman’s womb. People who enjoy using the bellicon® mini trampoline never forget it. Exercise is the basis for everything in life. Every activity during the day is achieved through exercise. It is a creative interaction of cognitive and practical skills that everybody uses in their private or professional life. The bellicon® supports and forms these abilities through regular exercise, with a view to exertion and relaxation.”


Oliver Härting, health coach
Papenstiege 11
48161 Münster

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