No exercise is that easy and at the same time so efficient

Paul Klammer, chief physiotherapist
Picture of chief physiotherapist Paul Klammer

“The bellicon® mini trampoline helps me with my therapy, stimulating and motivating the patients in a gentle way. It facilitates movement and the metabolic processes in under supplied areas are boosted.

Not much can be achieved with just physiotherapy if it isn’t accompanied by appropriate exercise. With the bellicon® very good results can be achieved for the cardiovascular system, respiration, musculature, connective tissue, joints and spinal discs, for the stability of the body, balance and equilibrium, and lastly for our metabolism and weight control.

I don’t know any other kind of exercise that is so simple, easy and at the same time so efficient!”

Paul Klammer, chief physiotherapist
Kräuterhausweg 45
56841 Traben-Trarbach

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