The bellicon® re-strengthens the core and pelvic floor

Vicky Warr, Prenatal & Post Natal Expert
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"The bellicon® re-strengthens the core and pelvic floor, tones your stomach and helps lose the baby weight safely after pregnancy.

The bellicon® provides unique benefits that address the physical changes and differences to a women’s body after pregnancy and beyond, to provide a very effective, safe, fun and convenient way to exercise. These are the key reasons, I recommend the bellicon® to all my postnatal clients.

After having a baby, whether a vaginal or cesarean birth, the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles have been stretched and possibly damaged. As a priority, it’s essential to re-strengthen these muscles first before rushing into any general exercise program or returning to sport.

The right exercise choices after having a baby are important. That way a woman reduces her risk of injury and back pain to recover fully, support and re-strengthen her body efficiently and effectively. Equally, exercise choices after having a baby not only want to deliver results safely, they want to be motivating, fun, sustainable and easy to fit into daily life whilst caring for a baby. Mothers always have the challenge of time so shorter workouts that deliver results keeps them encouraged and consistent! This is why the benefits of rebounding and exercising on the bellicon® makes for an ideal postnatal workout choice.

The bellicon®’s flexible soft spring mat and the softness of the bellicon® bungees means your body automatically engages the deeper muscles of your core; abdominal, back, waist and pelvic muscles to maintain your center of gravity and stay stable. Your inner muscles and core are working much more than with a hard firm bounce which is what you have with steel spring rebounders or mini trampolines. With softer bungees it’s like moving on sand rather than moving or running on a hard concrete surface which may be more stable but places strain on your lower back. By training on the bellicon® after pregnancy, you strengthen the muscles in the right way for day to day practical strength to lift and carry your baby with less pain and aesthetically tone and flatten your stomach muscles more quickly.

I love the fact that there is the ability to customise your bellicon® to suit your post baby training goals; whether that’s rehabilitation and strengthening of the pelvic floor and core, losing the baby weight, improving back pain or getting a flatter stomach.  

The  versatility of changing the bungee cords for less or more bounce means you safely address physical conditions such as post pregnancy back pain, pelvic floor and core weakness and weight management for a more bespoke workout.  The medium bungee cord strength is great for pelvic floor rehabilitation as this provides a lower impact soft bounce to condition your pelvic floor with gentle movement without adding too much pressure to strain the muscle.  As your pelvic floor gets stronger with rebounding, you have the versatility to progress to a stronger bungee cord for your workouts.

For mothers wishing to lose the baby weight, the research shows that rebounding is 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. As I do not recommend running postpartum until the core and pelvic floor muscles have been re-strengthened and the joints of the body have stabilised, bellicon® rebounding is a far safer cardio choice to improve fitness and manage weight. Plus as you rebound at home, there’s no childcare required.

It’s such a fun way to work out too! You release endorphins, often labelled the ‘happy hormones’ to give you a real boost mentally and physically.

Bump & Beyond by Vicky Warr

Vicky Warr, Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and creator of Bump and Beyond.

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