Diverse training that's fun and easy on the joints

Laura Philipp, Triathlete and physiotherapist
Bild von Laura Philipp

"I'm currently a full-time professional triathlete. Every day, I spend many hours swimming, cycling and running. On average, I exercise 25 to 30 hours per week. My body is under a lot of pressure. As a competitive athlete, I push my mental and physical limits in order to become better. Pure triathlon training can be very one-sided for the body and can lead to a long-term overload. Because of my background as a physiotherapist I know that competitive sport is not necessarily healthy for oyur body because of this. Nevertheless, I decided to go on as a professional athlete and enjoy my job very much.

In order to stay healthy and keep my body from harm, I have been looking for a joint-gentle training option, which can bring both fun and variety to my training. That's when I came across the bellicon rebounder.

Next to the fun and variety the bellicon brings to my training, I particularly benefit from rebounding in the following ways:

  • I can continue to do running exercises on the soft surface and thus relieve my tense muscles
  • I can strengthen my deep muscles and my pelvic floor to have more strength in my triathlon specific training sessions.
  • Bouncing on the bellicon stimulates lymph flow and helps my body to regenerate faster after intense training sessions.
  • It offers me versatile possibilities to strengthen my muscles.
  • While bouncing, I'm training my balance, which helps me to be more stable when running.
  • It gives me pleasure in such a way that I don't feel I'm training.

Because of this addition to my training, I'm confident I can go trhough this season injury-free and in the long-term profit from this efficient way of training."


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