Delivery costs and Means of Payment

Last amended: January 2019

1. The Seller will execute deliveries, subject to the provisions of section 2 below - to Buyers in the UK. The shipping charges for deliveries are listed below.

2. If a Customer is interested in delivery to another country please go to our international shop.

3. The Seller makes delivery to the Customers at the request of the Customer in the UK mainland, Ireland, Wales and Scottland against payment by means of: 

  • Ingenico (Credit card:MasterCard or Visa-Card)
  • PayPal
  • Payment in Advance with Bank wire transfer

Standard shipping to UK mainland, Ireland, Scottland and Wales

  • We charge shipping costs of GBP 5.00 for DVDs.
  • For smaller orders up to a weight of 5kg, we charge shipping costs of GBP 10.00
  • For each bellicon trampoline and packages exceeding 5kg, we charge shipping costs of GBP 39.00
  • For express deliveries up to a weight of 5kg (order placed before noon, delivery within two working days) we charge additional express fees of GBP 55.00. Express delivery for packages exceeding 5kg or express deliveries of bellicon trampolines, we charge GBP 90.00 per piece or package

    Delivery times UK mainland Ireland, Scottland and Wales: 2-10 working days
    Please note that the express delivery service is available between Monday and Friday only.
    Note: For each trampoline or pair of grips/handles, you can – depending on size and model – assume a weight of about 12kg to 15kg.