Delivery Areas (Countries) and Means of Payment

Last amended: January 2021

1. The Seller will execute deliveries, subject to the provisions of section 2 below - to Buyers in the UK. The shipping charges for deliveries are listed below.

2. If a Customer is interested in delivery to another country please go to our international shop.

3. The Seller makes delivery to the Customers at the request of the Customer in the UK mainland, Ireland, Wales and Scottland against payment by means of: 

  • Ingenico (Credit card:MasterCard or Visa-Card)
  • PayPal

Standard shipping to UK mainland, Ireland, Scottland and Wales

  • We do not charge any shipping costs for orders amounting to or exceeding a value oft he goods of £100.00, or for consignments that contains books only.
  • For smaller orders up to a weight of 5 kg, we charge shipping costs of £15.00 and shipping costs of £25.00 when the weight of 5 kg is exceeded. 
  • We do not charge any shipping costs for DVDs