Bellicon Rebounder Trampoline Overview

The highest quality, best-performing and longest-lasting rebounder on the market.

bellicon® Classic

From £418.00

The original bellicon® design cuts an impressive figure with its black powder coat finish. It is recognised for being reliable, even after years of intensive use.  It is available in three different diameters of 100cm/39", 112cm/44" and 125cm/49" with screw-in or foldable legs. 

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bellicon® Premium

From £648.00

The bellicon® Premium comes with a scratchproof, stainless steel frame. Its frame not only looks fabulous, it’s also antiseptic, which makes it especially suitable for hospitals, clinics, offices, fitness studios and outdoor use.  The bellicon® Premium is available in 112cm/44” or 125cm/49” diameters and with screw-in or foldable legs.

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bellicon® Plus

From £588.00

The bellicon® Plus is based on the bellicon® Classic frame but has a quick release fastener for the included T-bar, bringing greater flexibility and, in future, other accessories. This makes the bellicon® Plus our most varied model. It is available with screw-in or foldable legs, 112cm/44” or 125cm/49” diameter including T-bar.

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bellicon® Jumping

From £648.00

We offer this special edition with a trendy, hexagonal shape, exclusively with screw-in legs and ultra strong bungees. The supplied T-bar can be attached easily and fixed onto the quick release fastener. It is available in 137cm/ 54” diameters (corner-to-corner), with screw-in legs and black powder coat finish.

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What is the bellicon® rebounder trampoline?

Bellicon® rebounder trampolines are the first of their kind, fully customisable fitness trampolines. Each one of the four distinct designs can be personalised to meet your unique needs, body type, age, weight, flexibility, strength, goals and so much more. 

The premium quality, German-made rebounders are designed to improve your overall health, wellbeing and fitness - now and for years to come.

Key features of the bellicon® rebounder trampoline:

  • Fully customisable

  • Four distinct designs 

  • Available in a range of sizes to fit your space

  • Patented rubber bungee suspension system, creating a deep, comfortable bounce 

  • Cushioned impact makes them ideal for anyone with knee, back or joint injuries

  • Can be used for low impact and high intensity home workouts 

  • Available on an interest-free payment plan

  • Screw-in and foldable legs for easy storage and transport

The bellicon® Rebounder Models at a glance

Compare the different specifications for each bellicon® fitness trampoline design.

new: Bellicon® payment plan!

Pay in convenient, interest-free monthly instalments.

bellicon in instalments

Fulfil your wish for a bellicon® mini fitness trampoline immediately and pay conveniently in monthly instalments. In partnership with Klarna Bank AB, we now offer customers in the UK and Northern Ireland the option to pay in 3 instalments.

  • Your purchase is split into 3 equal card payments

  • Your first payment is collected after your order is confirmed. The remaining two will be automatically collected in 30 and 60 days

  • No fees, no interest, no credit check and no impact on your credit score

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Size matters – in rebounding mats, too

To make sure your dream rebounder fits nicely into the space you have available, we offer three different sizes to choose from.

In general, the rule is: “the bigger, the better”. A larger mat allows more freedom of movement and, therefore, gives you a wider choice of exercises. Taller people, those who need more space for their training programme or anyone who feels slightly restricted may benefit from a larger frame. If you don’t have much space available or you want to take your bellicon® outside with you, we recommend a smaller frame. But, no matter which bellicon® you choose, you can always be sure that all sizes meet the same high bellicon® quality standard.

To get a sense of how the different sizes would fit you and your home space, simply mark out the frame size on the floor. That way, you’ll be sure to get the bellicon® that’s best for you.

bellicon® with 100cm diameter

Frame diameter 100cm / 39"
The smallest option is truly compact, with a 67cm jumping surface (white arrows). It fits in the smallest apartment and can accompany you anywhere.

bellicon® with 112cm diameter

Frame diameter 112cm / 44"
The medium size 79cm jumping surface is our most popular sized rebounder. It features a bigger jumping mat, allowing for more freedom of movement.

bellicon® with 125cm diameter

Frame diameter 125cm / 49"
The largest model has a 92cm jumping surface, almost twice as much area as the bellicon® 100 cm. Enjoy a real trampoline experience and plenty of room for movement and exercise.

How to choose the right rebounder trampoline

With so many designs, specifications and accessories available, here’s how to make sure you’re choosing the right rebounder trampoline for your personal needs.

  1. Start with size - The bellicon® Classic is the only style available in a 100cm frame, so if you’re after something compact, this is for you. If you have more space, larger sizes are available in the Classic and all other styles. The 112cm frame is our most popular size.
  2. Will your rebounder have a permanent place at home? - It’s recommended that it does as you are more likely to use your bellicon® trampoline, if it’s on show and easily accessible. If so, screw-in legs are great and they can be unscrewed and attached in minutes. However, if you’d prefer to store your rebounder away or transport it around, foldable legs may be more practical, and are just as stable. 
  3. Pick a strength - Most bellicon® rebounder models come with the option to customise the strength of the bungee cords. The strength that is right for you depends on your body weight, injuries or ailments and intended use. Bungee strengths vary from soft to ultra strong.
  4. Express yourself - Being fully customisable, you can choose the colour of various features of your bellicon® rebounder. Bungees and mats come in a range of colours for most models, so you can choose ones that lift your mood, motivate you to workout and that even match your home decor. A brighter colour also makes it easier to see the edge of the jumping surface.
  5. Get comfortable - Choose between our standard or comfortable mat type. Whilst the standard has everything you need for an energetic and effective workout, the comfort option comes with a little more padding which could be more suitable for some users. A comfort mat also offers 30% more training area with the same frame diameter, allowing you to perform a wider range of exercises.
  6. Accessorise - From carry bags, support bars and frame cushions, pick and choose the accessories you need to make your bellicon® truly yours.

Screw-in or foldable legs?

If you want to stow your bellicon® mini trampoline often, go for the foldable option

We recommend you give your bellicon® a permanent place at home – the more you see it, the more you’ll want to use it. For this option, the screw-in legs are perfect. In case you do need to stow your fitness trampoline at any time, the legs can be removed and reattached in less than three minutes. This option also offers the firmest stand.

Of course, you may prefer to keep your bellicon® out of sight or transport it, in which case the foldable leg option may be better. Whilst just as stable and reliable, this allows you to store your bellicon® rebounder in a cupboard or under the bed with ease. The folding legs may have slight leeway, so they may possibly cause some noise whilst training, particularly on uneven ground.  

Nonetheless, both versions offer ultimate safety and stability during use.

Picture of screw-in and foldable legs

Video clip: mounting and unmounting of screw-in and foldable legs

Bungees, the heart of every bellicon®

Providing the optimum elasticity for each user with a choice of five different bungee strengths, is what truly sets us apart.

Each bellicon® bungee strength comes in a different colour:

Silver clip = soft

Blue clip = medium

Yellow clip = strong

Red clip =  extra strong

Green clip = ultra strong

Five bellicon® bungee strengths

A great deal of ingenuity, innovation and engineering has gone into producing the remarkable bellicon® bungee. Combined with the innovative mat design, our revolutionary bungee suspension system makes all the difference – one that you can see, feel and even hear.

When you look at a bellicon® rebounder, there’s one obvious difference compared to other spring rebounders. The extreme elasticity and bounce you can achieve with our bungees is what allows our frames to be almost twice as high as others. Because of this, you can really work your muscles while still being gentle on your joints.

Read more about our bungee strength choice here

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Your choice of colour 

Quality? Always number one choice.

All of our rebounder trampoline mats are made from a high-grade woven, polypropylene fabric (Permatron™) that offers a secure, anti-slip surface, while maintaining optimum elasticity. Specially designed to hold up under outdoor conditions, including the effects of the sun’s UV rays, our materials are also kind to the planet.

Should your bellicon® colour match your sofa? Or your favourite football jersey? Or is there a colour combination that motivates you? With multiple different mat colours, two different frame finishes and many different bungee colors, the choice is yours!

A picture of 50 different colourful bellicon® trampolines
Elder woman on a bellicon® with handle grips

Accessorise your bellicon®

If you sometimes struggle with balance, add some of our specially developed safety handles to your bellicon® fitness trampoline. 

Make your rebounder childproof with a frame cushion or make it easier to transport with a carry bag. Whatever you require to make your bellicon® yours, find it in our accessories store. 

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