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The bellicon® rebounder mini trampoline

The first of its kind, a fully customisable mini trampoline and fitness rebounder. 

Getting into shape, losing weight and improving your health and wellbeing has never been more enjoyable.

A fitness trampoline can work all 656 muscles in your body with either low impact or high intensity trampoline workouts. And with the ability to personalise your bellicon® rebounder mini trampoline, you can guarantee that you’ll be getting optimum results.

A woman exercising on a bellicon® premium trampoline

Introducing the unique bellicon® mini trampoline rebounder UK

Power up your health 

The bellicon® exercise trampoline’s remarkable fitness value is matched only by its amazing health benefits. Boost your immune system, strengthen your bones, fight diabetes, heart disease, and much more.

Customer reviews

The reviews don't lie - the bellicon® mini trampoline meets all your expectations and requirements. Our customers love how bouncing on the bellicon® is the solution to their health issues and goals.

Expert reviews

Curious of what the professionals think? From pelvic floor experts to edema therapists, many have recognised the benefits the bellicon® fitness rebounder can have on your health and wellbeing.

Best quality

The high quality, best-performing and long-lasting bellicon® mini trampoline is backed by years of research and development, precision engineering and patented designs, making the bellicon® on offer today our most advanced. Made in Germany, our models are quality approved and hold many seals of approval.

350+ Training videos

Every bellicon® fitness rebounder comes with a FREE 30-day subscription to bellicon® Home, our online fitness platform that’s full of great workout videos curated exclusively for our mini exercise trampolines.


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The bellicon® rebounder mini trampoline is as unique as you are

A bellicon trampoline isn´t one size fits all. There´s one just right for you

13000 varieties and more

Bellicon® rebounder trampolines come with over 400,000 customisable options. 

Choose from four distinct models, various sizes, colours, bungee strength options and detachable or foldable legs to ensure you’re getting a mini trampoline that’s perfectly suited to you, your needs and your lifestyle.   

Exercise your right to choose and you’ll be choosing to exercise right.

Use our guide to find out how to customise your bellicon® rebounder UK. 

Choosing a bellicon® that’s right for you

6 bellicon® rebounders with different colours of the mats and allways with grey bungees

The benefits of rebounding

Whatever your level of health, fitness or goals are, bellicon® can help.

bellicon® demographics: young, old, man, women, kids, professionals

Bellicon® is the fitness rebounder of choice for many. From Olympic athletes using the mini trampoline to improve speed and boxers preparing for a title fight, right through to senior citizens rebuilding their health and women fighting osteoporosis, the benefits of rebounding are endless.

Young or old, in shape or out, the low-impact high-gain performance of the bellicon is the best, most enjoyable and most efficient way for you to improve your health and wellbeing. Find out what the bellicon® can do for you.

Discover more benefits

A leap forward

Fitness refitted

Comparing sound emmisions from metal spring rebounders to a bellicon

Comparison between spring-based mini trampolines and the bellicon® bungee rebounder

Done with squeaky spring rebounders, treadmills and exercise bikes? Then it’s time to try the bellicon® mini trampoline. 

When it comes to fitness rebounders, the best bounce isn't achieved with metal springs. That’s why we’ve created a unique bungee suspension system that enhances the benefits but minimises the strain caused on every bounce. You’ll definitely see, feel and even hear the difference.

bellicon® – the gold standard in rebounders UK

Made in Germany

Only the best goes into bellicon® rebounder – our industrial-grade steel frames, patented polyamide connector hooks, UV-resistant and environmentally friendly polypropylene mats and, above all, our world-class bungee system. You’re simply better off with a bellicon®.

a bellicon® Premium mini trampoline, black orange mat and silver bungees

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