'For me, the bellicon® minitrampoline is ideal for effective endurance training. You avoid the negative shock load you do have when running and jogging.'

Dr. Jean-Paul Pianta, prevention expert
The bellicon® mini trampoline explained in 2 minutes


All doctors agree that exercise is best thing you can do for your heart and blood vessels. And what is easier and more fun than cardio training on the bellicon® trampoline?

Cardio workout with Fayth Caruso

  • Regular exercise is the key to a healthy cardiovascular system
  • You don't have to be a top athlete; short workouts on the bellicon® are sufficient
  • With one movement you activate as many as 656 muscles
  • And.... moving has never been so much fun!


Prevent high blood pressure

The prescription for a healthy heart is simple. Exercise, exercise and keep on exercising. Doctors, health organisations and lifestyle magazines all tell us the same thing. Cardio training is now convenient and – even more importantly – fun by bouncing on the bellicon®! As your cardiovascular system powers up your circulation, feeding oxygen to your body, you’ll also be building your muscles, lubricating your joints, improving your balance, stimulating your lymphatic system and strengthening your bones. Even more than the benefits of a healthier and more energetic lifestyle, it’s how much you’ll love bouncing that will keep you coming back to the bellicon®.

2 months of free training


bellicon has its own video platform to get even more out of your training

If you buy a bellicon® now, you will receive a FREE 2-month subscription to our own video platform. You will find no less than 200 different workouts on the mini trampoline. This makes the bellicon® video platform a unique virtual trainer that helps you get the most out of your workout.

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What experts say

Andreas Sperber


'Highly effective cardio training'

It may not seem tiring, but training on the bellicon® is very effective for the heart and blood vessels. The trampoline is equipped with elastic bungees for a smooth, soft workout. Especially older people can therefore exercise on the trampoline without danger.

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What customers say


'I don't have any  palpitations anymore!'

'I spontaneously got heart palpitations at the beginning of January last year, and at least 1200 beats per hour, despite the medication they occurred every evening. We were looking for something I could do indoors and arrived at the bellicon. Every day I do a workout of 20 min and once a week the 40 min video of Remy, I have the bellicon for 6 weeks now and I haven't experienced any heart palpitations anymore. Today I went for a run again and in the evening I had NO PALPITATIONS! Coincidence or not the bellicon never leaves the house.'

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Grafische Dartstellung von drei Sportlern, die unterschiedliches Trainieren: Herzkreislauftraining, Krafttraining, Training der Beweglichkeit und des Gleichgewichts

exercise for a healthy heart

Aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise is the single best thing you can do to improve the health of your heart. Duke University School of Medicine endorses this statement by the American Heart Association and goes on to list the three main exercise categories – all of which are possible on a bellicon®.

  • Aerobic workouts to promote cardiovascular health
  • Strength training
  • Flexibility and balance training

Did you know that there is one device that combines these three exercises? The bellicon®!

strengthen 656 muscles with one jump

How can our mini trampoline have such a transformative effect on so many of the body’s systems? The answer is that transformation is written with a capital T at bellicon – and is especially evident in the unique design of our suspension system.

Every bounce on our mini trampoline not only engages and strengthens all 656 muscles in your body but also stimulates your heart, lungs and bones. Powerful forces are at play in the simple pleasure of moving up and down. At the bottom of the bounce, your body experiences as much as four times normal g-force and weightlessness at the apex. This oscillation flushes impurities out of your cells and encourages them to soak up nutrients. At the same time, the purging of toxins, bacteria and dead cells by your lymphatic system is accelerated, cleansing you at a molecular level. As if that wasn’t enough, a bellicon® workout aids digestion and has even been proven to tune up your grey matter.

With benefits to everything from major muscles and organs to cells, it’s no wonder you feel reborn after working out on a bellicon®.

Eine junge blonde Frau trainiert auf ihrem bellicon®
Eine Frau trainiert auf dem bellicon®, daneben wird eine Uhr angezeigt

how often and how long do you need to exercise?

The Mayo Clinic and NHS suggest 30 minutes of aerobic activity five times a week, although you can still achieve some of the benefits of cardio conditioning in less time.

Another option, which gives you the same results, is to break that time down into ten-minute sessions spread throughout the day. This is ideal for rebounders. Bite-sized workouts are not only energising and invigorating. They also add up to wonderful long-term health and fitness gains, including a more efficient cardiovascular system. So leave your mini trampoline out where you’ll see it and be reminded to take a quick “belli break”.

Of course, how much of a workout is right for you personally depends on your health and physical condition. We advise you to ask your doctor which exercise programme is best suited to your needs, especially if you have a heart condition.

the benefits of the BELLICON® MINI TRAMPOLINe

Regular training on the bellicon® mini trampoline has numerous positive effects on your entire body. Bouncing on this device not only effectively strengthens the cardiovascular system and all muscles, but also activates the metabolism of each cell. The moderate movement on the bellicon® also promotes the body's self-healing functions. This in turn has positive effects on some of our societal diseases.

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!