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A study by the University of Ghent examined core muscle activity during trampolining exercises.
In doing so, it relies on previous studies that have already successfully shown that using unstable surfaces increases spinal muscle activation, which also benefits other stabilising (autochthonous) muscle groups. The current study aims at proving that trampolining is a good stabilisation exercise for people with back problems.

Study Content

The study aimed at analysing muscle activity during trampolining. The researchers wanted to find out whether different results can be measured for different jumps.

15 (healthy) subjects were invited to take part in the study. They had to bounce on a medical mini trampoline with elastic suspension using different jumping intensities.

In doing so, a distinction was made between four different jumping phases:

  1. Take-off or jump-off phase
  2. Rising phase
  3. Descending phase
  4. Landing phase


According to the scientists, the effects of the first and second phases on muscle activity were almost the same. During the take-off and rising phases of the jump, the subjects had the greatest muscle activity. This occurs mainly because the body moves against gravity. The more intense and higher the jump is, the greater the muscle activity of the athletes. This means the more intense the jump, the greater the effect on the body.

Key findings in back pain from the study

Further research shows that light hopping is best for people with back problems rather than jumping up high, as this is the best way of stabilising the trunk. This means trampolining can be included and used very well in treatment programmes to stabilise the (lower) back muscles. According to the study, this can be attributed to the fact that trampolining has little effect on the spine, relieves it and, at the same time, strengthens the back muscles and the deep muscles. In addition, the mini trampoline is easy to use and set up, and is less dangerous to use than other forms of exercise and training for patients with back problems.

Therefore, the quality of your trampoline is very important. Gentle bungee suspension ensures good bouncing. Harmonious bouncing offers a holistic effect for your muscles and is gentle on the joints.

You can find the complete study here:

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