Strong. Smart. Stylish.

The bellicon® has a lot in common with the women who use it.

Like most women, the bellicon® is good at being different things to different people. That’s why it can provide a high-rewards, low-impact, full-body workout to just about everyone. So whether you’re a tennis champion honing your agility, a dedicated mother who needs to be strong for others, or a hard-working professional who wants the best possible workout in the shortest time, the bellicon® is your new best friend.

A woman stands smiliing while leaning on an upright bellicon® mini trampoline
A woman sits smiling on a bellicon® premium mini trampoline

Ready when you are

Indoors or out, day or night, rain or shine – you decide when to exercise. With its steel frame and polypropylene, UV-resistant mat, the bellicon® is equally at home under the skies or a roof. That means you don’t have to sacrifice spending time in the garden or watching your favourite TV show to work out – you can do both at the same time. The point is you should enjoy being physically active. So you’ll be delighted to learn that not only is rebounding more fun than running, it’s also been proven to be better exercise. Just in case you have any doubt about how well the bellicon® fits into your life and storage space, you can order the folding-leg option with each of our models.
Exercise made easy

Exercise made easy

Think exercise is a boring, hard slog? Think again. Just a few – remarkably fun – minutes a day on a bellicon® will give you a new lease of life. Your energy levels, health, strength and stamina will all shoot up. Find out more about what the bellicon® can do for you.

We’ve done the work so you can play

Feel-good fitness

A photo of the unique bellicon bungee rings in diverse colour and various strengths

Stop loathing your workouts and start loving them. Bouncing on a bellicon® makes getting fit so much fun, it’s hard to believe how effective it is. The secret to a highly beneficial workout without straining your body lies in our revolutionary, patented suspension system. Custom-designed for maximum elasticity, our bungees take you to new heights of fitness and health. Even when you get off, you’ll still be bouncing off the walls with vitality instead of exhausted.

Health, long life and happiness

With all the fun you have on a bellicon®, you might not realise that you’re engaging and toning all 638 of your muscles. The thoroughness of this full-body workout also extends to stimulating your cardiovascular and digestive systems. What’s more, exercising on our mini trampoline is arguably the best medicine for osteoporosis and osteopenia. Rebounding’s ability to strengthen bones makes it invaluable especially to women trying to prevent or halt these diseases.

The remarkable internal effects of bouncing on a bellicon® are also noticeable in how it mobilises your lymphatic system to flush bacteria, environmental debris and dead cells from your body. Now that’s an all-round workout!

A graphic description of a woman in two star jump poses superimposed inside a circle

As unique as you are

We want your bellicon® to find its place in your heart and your home. Which is why there are three different frame sizes to choose from.

five different bellicon® models displayed in various colours and finishes

No two bodies are the same, so why should fitness equipment be one-size-fits-all? At bellicon, we custom-assemble your mini trampoline so that nothing can get in the way of your enjoyment. The strength of the bungees is calibrated to give you just the right amount of bounce, while a choice of three frame sizes means that your rebounder is scaled to your needs and living space. Optional folding legs allow you to pack up your trampoline for storage or travel. Finally, our range of shades allow you to go for a splash of colour that expresses who you are, matches your décor or simply puts you in a good mood.

By the way, to get a sense of how the different frame sizes will fit you and your home, just mark them out on the floor.

a film clip comparing sound emmisions from metal spring rebounders to a bellicon, video play symbol

Which is the best rebounder? Decide for yourself by watching this video.

Whisper quiet

Worried that you’ll never be able to squeeze in a quick workout without everyone knowing about it? With a bellicon®, no noisy springs will give you away. Our uniquely designed bungee-based suspension is so quiet and the frame so sturdy that rebounding is virtually silent. Many people even exercise in the same room where others are sleeping without disturbing them.

Nothing bounces like the real thing

Looks can be deceptive. That’s certainly true of our mini trampoline’s sleek simplicity. Jump on and all the years of innovation and complex engineering suddenly come to life. If you care about performance, you’ll know a bellicon® by its bounce.

A woman stands smiling behind a bellicon® mini trampoline

Jump up to a new level of fitness. Order your bellicon® today!