bellicon® Classic

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frame diameter 100 cm
The smallest version is particularly compact with a jumping area of 67 cm (white arrows)

frame diameter 112 cm
The medium size with 79 cm jumping area is our most popular format.

frame diameter 125 cm
The largest model offers 92 cm jumping area, almost twice as much surface area as the 100 cm bellicon®.


Screw-in- legs
To have your bellicon® in a fixed place, increases the likelihood that you will use it regularly. In this case, the screw-in- leg version is suitable. If you do want to stow your trampoline away, the legs can be removed or mounted in less than three minutes. This option also offers the firmest stand without any leeway for the legs.

With the fold-in- legs you always stay up to date. If you prefer to store your bellicon® out of sight or take it with you regularly, the folding legs are the right choice. Your mini trampoline can be folded up in a few moments and stowed away or ready to take with you in the practical carrying bag.


Bungee strength
We offer our bungees in five different strengths (soft, medium, strong, extra strong, ultra strong) to suit every conceivable application. All five elasticities are available in all bungee colours. The thickness of the respective elastic ring is indicated by the coloured metal clip on each rope ring. Which  bungee strenght suits you best? Find out here.

Bungee colours
Is there a colour combination that motivates you ? Choose from ten bungee colours to suit your mood!  As a general rule, lighter colours of the bungees and mats make it easier to see the edge of the swinging area from the corners of your eyes. Have fun combining them!

Mat type - Standard and Comfort

Standard mat
The jumping mat is made of high-quality woven polypropylene - it is extremely robust and guarantees point-elastic swinging. The colored decorative band of the jumping mat not only looks good but also helps you to recognize the edge of the swinging surface when jumping and to stay in the inner mat area.

Comfort mat
The comfort mat has been extended by a padding in an innovative design, which offers a 30 percent larger training surface compared to the classic mat with the same frame diameter, thus creating extended exercise possibilities. Available in the sizes 100 cm, 112 cm and 125 cm and nine different colours.

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Patented bungee technology
Since 1995, we have consistently developed our patented suspension system with elastic rope ring suspension.

Awarded Multiple Times
Various seals of approval confirm that we were able to meet our high standards and that the effort was worth it.

Security by guarantee
With every bellicon® you acquire a German quality product with guarantees that are far beyond the prescribed times.