bellicon® Premium

Longevity meets luxury

The bellicon® Premium is our luxury model. The high-quality stainless steel frame is not only scratch-resistant, rust-resistant and antiseptic, but also impresses with its elegant appearance.


Refine your training

Let your training become a special experience every day. With our premium model, durability meets luxury. We give you a 5-year guarantee on the stainless steel frame.

man bouncing on mini trampoline
mini trampoline blue

Ideal framework conditions

A bellicon® Premium offers you the best conditions for a balanced, varied and dynamic workout. Whether 112 or 125 cm in diameter, you are guaranteed an optimal workout. We recommend a ceiling height of your body height + 50 cm.


At bellicon, it is very important to us that you experience the maximum effect of a mini trampoline. Training on a bellicon® not only improves heart and blood circulation, but also activates the lymphatic system and effectively supports purification and detoxification processes, and much more. Experience the many positive effects on your body and mind.

bellicon Home
Do you need inspiration? On our online training platform, bellicon Home, you will find everything your heart desires, from relaxed yoga sessions to endurance fitness sessions.

Unique bounce
Your well-being is important to us! Thanks to years of research, we have developed a patented bungee technology that is gentle on the back and joints and improves general health.

30-day right of return
Test your bellicon® for 30 days! If you are not satisfied, you can send it back free of charge and get your money back.


From € 628