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Study shows rebounding burns fat and improves cardio better than running
International Journal of Sports Science 12.04.2016
A new study, published in the International Journal of Sports Science, has concluded that rebounding exercise is twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running. It also showed that exercising on a mini-trampoline increased vertical jumping ability. The study was conducted over a period of 8 weeks with participants exercising three days a week and otherwise maintaining “their usual diet and lifestyle habits during the study period.”
Getting Ready for Spring and Summer
bellicon USA 06.03.2015
“I resolve to lose weight and look great.” Let’s see a show of hands who has heard this recently or maybe even said it themselves. It’s OK, you’re among friends, since “Weight Loss” and “Look and Feel Better” seem to top pretty much everyone's list of favorite New Year’s resolutions. With all the so-good but so-bad food, stresses and crummy weather we’ve all dealt with over the holidays, the start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to explore new options or return to a shelved goal of a slimmer, healthier you in 2015.
Avoiding Winter Weight Gain
bellicon USA 02.12.2014
In “The Wasteland,” T.S. Eliot famously dubbed April the “cruellest month,” making it pretty obvious that “T.S.” had never lived in Chicago. Here in the Windy City, we have four or five dismal, freezing, nasty months that compete each year for the title “cruelest.” Although April did its best to be cold and snowy this year, it never even came close to making it into the finals. As we head into winter, it’s good to remember that one of the cruelest aspects of the season is the effect it can have on our health and, in particular, our weight. When the “weather outside is frightful,” outdoor activities become less attractive and less frequent. When you add to that the tendency to overeat during the holidays, the effect that fewer daylight hours can have on our mood, and the way that snacking can become our new, favorite hobby while we’re stuck inside and bored, it’s no wonder that we put on a few pounds.
Rebounding on bellicon lowers Risk for Stress Related Disease
bellicon USA 24.10.2014
Americans aren't getting enough exercise! Last year, the Center for Disease Control reported that only 20 percent of adults were meeting their overall physical activity recommendations. Regular exercise is not only necessary for health and weight management, but it has been shown to decrease both inflammation and stress level