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Recreation Coordinator
Sherry 01.03.2020
I just purchased the classic 44" Bellicon and anxiously awaiting for it to arrive. After talking with the sales manager who was very knowledgeable about this product, I was convinced this would be a great investment for my health and that the rebounder is a very high quality product that I plan to enjoy for many many years. ...
Surpasses all other Mini Trampolines
Delia 10.03.2020
I have had fantastic communication and assistance before placing my order with Bellicon. The Bellicon was shipped with DHL and I could see the full tracking . On receipt of the Bellicon trampoline, I just needed to screw the legs on and put the bumpers on the feet. I jumped on the Bellicon straight away and it felt truly amazing. This is the 4th trampoline that I have owned. The first two ...
HIghly recommended
Cheryl W 11.03.2020
My new Bellicon should be arriving today! This will be my 3rd, yes, 3rd unit. I originally purchased a 44" and used that for 3 years. I wanted to buy the 49" but wasn't sure if I would have the room for it. I should have just ordered it. After 3 years I wanted to upgrade and bought the 49". I passed my 44" to my sister and she is loving it. I have been using the 49" for about 2 years. I ...
Sally 12.03.2020
Amazing customer support from Ian at Bellicon, who tried to help me resolve an issue with a faulty leg on a rebounder purchased two years ago. When the fault couldn't be resolved, he very promptly (within a working day) arrange for a new frame (under guarantee) to be shipped to me.

Very impressed with the prompt, stress free and friendly support from customer service, would highly ...
World Class Equipment
Rosinds 06.02.2020
After searching for exercise for fatigue and aching bones during cancer I came across rebounding and naturally sought the best equipment for my health. The bellicon won hands down on health benefits, quality and endurance. Starting a rebounding class meant the only equipment for me was the bellicon and my ladies love it! once tried your are hooked. ...
My Bellicon is the world to me
Patricia Baron 30.01.2020
I treasure my bellicaon, both for quality and convenience. it is without question 'the best' quality re-bounder available on the market. It has helped me stay supple and fit for many years. I get regular informative emails with programmes that are all very easy to do.
The customer service I have received is second to none. thank you Bellicon ...
It's a great investment
Julie Silver 23.01.2020
I've had a bellicon rebounder for a few months now and after using a couple of other brands previously I can honestly say that the bellicon is far superior and much more enjoyable. I am more inclined to exercise on it more than once a day, rather than once daily with the other ones. It has a better bounce, it is much quieter and I feel like it doing more good and is much better for the joints and ...
Pure Joy!!!
Lucy S 24.12.2019
I have been rebounding for many years on a few different brands but stopped for a a spell as the rebounder I was using started to feel like it was too hard on my joints. I am a mature woman with some joint issues from a very physical life. I came across the subject of rebounding in a conversation and remembered what an impact it had made in the quality of my life. I did some research and found ...
I am completely delighted
Hilary Gregory 30.11.2019
I want to thank everyone at Bellicon for the great product and service I received. My family and I clubbed together to buy me this wonderful rebounder to help with my arthritis. I loved the bounce immediately, but I was upset that the mat wasn’t perfectly sewn. The very nice guys in the UK and Germany soon sorted it out and now I have, not only the best hope for improving my condition, I have ...
Rebounding on the Bellicon 100% fixed my back
Elizabeth K. 04.10.2019
Rebounding on the Bellicon 100% fixed my back. I could barely walk after sitting for any length of time. Then I bought a Bellicon and started gently using it. Standing and closing my eyes to engage my core and following Bellicon’s rejuvenation videos whilst on it. After about 3 weeks my back pain was completely gone. We take our backs for granted when they don’t give us pain. Now I rebound ...