Like jumping on a cloud and whisper quiet!

Candy 13.04.2012

I had been thinking about and researching the bellicon for some time and finally broke down and got the 44" and I'm so glad I did! I have been rebounding for several years - first with a ReboundAir (worthless) and then a Cellerciser. The springs kept breaking on the ReboundAir,and the Cellerciser was better, but still a hard/jarring bounce and never could quiet those springs down. When I started developing some feet problems, I wondered if it might be due to the jarring effect of the Cellerciser, which I had been using more during that time. I then decided to invest in the bellicon and what a difference it has made in only a short time. Since I'm a long-time user of a rebounder, I didn't think there would be that much difference between the Cellerciser and the bellicon, but there most certainly is. The bellicon is definitely the "Rolls Royce" of the rebounders - like jumping into a cloud! The bounce is so smooth with no jarring at the bottom of the bounce and whisper quiet! Yes, it's a bit pricey, but think of it as an investment in your health, and there is no price you can put on that... plus, you can never go wrong with German engineering... as soon as you see your bellicon and jump on it, the strength, stability and overall quality are obvious, especially when compared with all the other rebounders on the market. Through the years, I've spent more money than I want to think about on weight machines, bicycles, NordicTrack, elliptical trainer, two lower-end rebounders, etc., all the while trying to find the "perfect" piece of equipment for all-around fitness and health. All those pieces of equipment are long gone now except the Cellerciser, and it's going to the church rummage sale in my town this fall. I have finally found the gold standard to keep fit - bouncing on the bellicon..! It's also the most fun of any piece of exercise equipment I've ever had. Deceptively easy and fun, but, make no mistake, very good for the body in so many ways... If you decide to invest in one, keep it in a place where you will use it every day... and, if you only want to invest in ONE piece of exercise equipment that you will be able to use for the rest of your life, make it the bellicon and you will be so happy you did. Thank you, Kunhardt's, for developing the best rebounder out there and for bringing it to America!

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