Cardiolates ® on the Bellicon is fun for all!

Fayth 02.06.2014

I have been teaching Cardiolates ® for years and I have used almost every rebounder on the market. Bellicon has surpassed them all. I have a fitness studio in downtown Chicago called Sixpax. We use only Bellicons here and our clients love them! All of our Cardiolates ® classes on the Bellicon are full with a waitlist. Our clients love the many health benefits associated with rebounding including the fact that it is low impact on the joints, strengthens the core and all cells in the body, improves lymphatic flow and circulation, and builds bone density. We have a wide range of physical fitness levels that use them including young adults, high level athletes, and clients above the age of 70. We also use them for pre and post natal work (with doctors approval), post rehab work, arthritis, osteoporosis, lower back pain, balance issues, neuromuscular diseases, weight loss, and cross training for athletes. Most of all - Cardiolates ® on the Bellicon is fun for all!

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