Best Rebounder and Product Support Ever

David 18.12.2015

Our son has some disabilities and uses a rebounder for hours a day to dissipate energy and anxiety. We have tried all of the major brands and this product greatly exceeds all others in design, build quality and product support.

We have literally gone through several dozen lesser rebounders (including Cellercise) and nothing compares with this product. Not to say we don't wear out mats and bungees (with multiple hours of rebounding each and every day), but Lauren and team Bellicon stand by their product and warranty and have always replaced mats and other durable items in accordance with the warranty. The frame remains completely "bulletproof" and I would easily have replaced numerous others in the several years we have owned this premium Bellicon.

In short-our family cannot offer anything but the highest praise for this fine product, company, and staff!

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