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Ex New Yorker 28.12.2014

For years I had using a steel steel spring rebounder, plus working out in a gym and hiking in the local mountains. Needless to say I was in good shape and fit. When I moved my rebounder was misplaced and I no longer had one to jump on. But I still continued my workouts minus the hike.

After a few years I decided to start hiking again. What I discovered was my energy and stamina was not what it was.. So I ordered the Bellicon and began jumping again. The Bellicon was much quieter and a smoother bounce. After a month or so of jumping my energy and stamina returned and I feel great.

Anyone who can jump on a rebounder while listening to music like "Smokestack lightning by Howling Wolf and "Get it On by T-Rex and not feel emerged electric needs to see a Doctor and get checked......To see if THEY STILL HAVE A PULSE.

My personal belief is that if more people started using a rebounder there would far less illness and there would be no obesity problems.

Don Fein

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