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Hallie E. 17.07.2013

I was introduced to rebounding by the new method of exercise that I am doing (Tracy Anderson Method). Many people doing this method talked about switching over to the rebounder for the dance cardio portion of the workout because of knee and joint pain. I love the method, but I couldn't keep pounding on the floor six days a week for the dance cardio because my knees were starting to ache too. I knew I needed something to get off the floor to continue exercising six days a week. I had seen the Bellicon mentioned a few times as being the best, yet most expensive rebounder. So then I set out to research all the different types of rebounders on the market, both spring and bungee. I read countless testimonials, watched numerous video clips and kept coming back to the Bellicon.

I called their customer service twice and I was able to get all my questions answered. They knew their stuff and they were able to tailor a Bellicon to precisely fit my needs-a 44 inch with black and pink mat with silver bungees in strong so I can do cardio (I ordered one level above my weight class). I did not want to spend half the amount on something less quality I would replace soon.

My new Bellicon is so beautiful and my workouts go by in a breeze on it. I am having so much fun bouncing and I feel incredible. It's really nice to not have such impact on my body. I'm only thirty four, but I'm thinking about the longevity of my body and health. I highly recommend this piece of equipment. There is so much you can do on it and it will change your life.

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