I would highly recommend this to any other pediatric therapist

Carrie 02.06.2014

I am a pediatric occupational therapist working in a private practice specializing in children with sensory processing difficulties. About 2 months ago I had the privilege to test a 49" medium bungee trampoline in orange and green. Prior to this, I was using a smaller and more basic trampoline that was bought in a retail outlet with springs. Upon testing it with my first client, I knew it was something that I would simply not be able to transition out of. Not only is it quieter and larger than my previous trampoline, but it allows children to jump about twice as high with the use of the bungee cords. The kids instantly fell in love with this trampoline and were very excited to show their new 'tricks' and higher bounce to their caregivers. I even had one child encourage me to 'donate' my previous trampoline as we would no longer be needed it :). Needless to say, within weeks our clinic had decided to purchase the 49" medium bungee trampoline with fold up legs. I am so happy with this purchase as it has helped me more appropriately target goals toward motor planning and increased proprioceptive input but has also brought endless joy to each and every one of my clients. I would highly recommend this to any other pediatric therapist looking for a more motivating and appropriate modality toward motor and sensory goals.

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