Impacted my life for the better on every level

Cecilia Fitzgerald 05.08.2018

I purchased this amazing Rebounder in 2013 after learning about rebounding. Having a bellicon has impacted my life for the better on every level.

As a child i was told that I would be disable by Arthritis as a young adult. Running, which I loved, always left me in a broken shambles. Prior to getting this equipment in my life i would have at least two to three episodes of cold, flu etc. each year.

I have not had a cough, a cold, a flu or even a sniffle since using this.  Learning the deep research on the Lymph flow and how the no-impact bellicon maximizes and assists in that process feels like learning the greatest secret of all time.

Here is to health!!! Thank you bellicon for bringing this beautiful tool to us!!!

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