Bellicon...the best thing for the whole family!

Isabelle P. 23.03.2014

I had been talking about getting a rebounder for almost a year, then for Christmas, my husband gave me a card with “the rebounder of my choice” written in it...I was extremely excited! I had looked on line and there was no question...the bellicon was clearly the best rebounder on the market (although I had never tried it or even seen it for real). The plan was that our bellicon should go in the basement for the daily work out. However, after reading about the benefits of short frequent jumps (2 minutes boosts the immune system for 1 hour!), we decided to keep it in our main living area and it looks good too! That way everybody gets to jump on it all the time. Even after 3 months, it’s still a race for the kids in the morning to be the first one to rebound - and before every meal and after school and for all the friends too! With all this multi-person use, thank goodness it is quiet and doesn’t squeak!

I love the DVD that came with it, it gave me ideas on movements to do and now I jump on my own to my favorite music or while catching up on some audio books, TV shows, etc. I feel energized, toned and healthy. I even lost 12 pounds with the rebounding and some better food choices. I can’t say enough good things about the bellicon. We have a treadmill, but won’t be replacing it when it breaks because this new, quiet, energy friendly, health and fitness equipment is simply the best! Try for yourself! Have fun rebounding!

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