It's solid and beautifully built to last.

Kay 09.11.2011

When my old rebounders' springs started snapping off I realized it was time to get a new rebounder. As I did my research I came across the Bellicon and was intrigued as I liked the idea of the quiet bounce offered by the use of bungees instead of springs. I was able to try out a Bellicon at a local Pilates studio and was truly blown away by the quality and ease of the bounce. This sold me even though I still had some lingering doubts about making the purchase as the Bellicon is such a high-end rebounder with a corresponding price tag. I knew though that I had to buy it and went ahead with the purchase. I am SO glad I did. I enjoy my rebounder every single day, slowly building up to doing longer workouts each week. I love the bounce, it doesn't tire me out as the spring rebounder always did. I think it's the best exercise equipment I've ever used. It's solid and beautifully built to last. The video is also very informative and useful as I had no idea I could do so many things on the rebounder including some wonderful exercises actually lying on the rebounder. I love my Bellicon! Sincerely, Kay

Tags: exercise, quality
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