Worth its weight in gold!

Kimmy 26.02.2015

I've owned a transcription business, Shadow Systems, Inc., for over 20 years. We transcribe corporate and independent video production company programs for many Fortune 500 companies. My transcription business requires a lot of sitting! This Christmas I received a 49 inch bellicon Rebounder as a gift. I keep my bellicon Rebounder in an exercise room next to my office. Being able to take short 5 minute breaks each hour to work-out on my bellicon really helps to motivate me—it gets me up and out of my chair and moving! And, the bellicon Rebounder is so well-made that it's just a pleasure to workout on! I find my Bellicon workouts keep me fresh and focused throughout the day!

Overall, I feel so blessed to have a Bellicon. I'm able to exercise while my son naps, and it's so FUN! As a previous full marathoner and high impact exerciser, the Bellicon feels so good on my knees. There are so many benefits to rebounding and my body is already thanking me. Weight loss has been steady and I feel great! In addition, the Bellicon YouTube videos are a wonderful resource for workouts and information!

Keep up the great work, Bellicon!! It's time to bounce... : )

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