A new attitude to life

Kristine B. 22.06.2017

I have suffered from tired, heavy arms and legs since my late childhood/early youth, accompanied by heavy pain, sensitivity to pressure, and bruises. In addition to that, I also started having severe back pain. I gained a lot of weight, which made the symptoms worse and worse. I sometimes gained two to three kilos within a few days without eating more. I did lose a bit again and again, but at some point, I was gaining more than losing. I went from doctor to doctor. The only thing they told me was: "Lose weight, exercise more, eat less". This dragged on for years. My conditions got worse and worse. No matter where I went, I was gawked and "pointed" at everywhere. I lived a very conscious lifestyle, and despite the many restrictions, I always exercised a lot and maintained a healthy diet. I changed my diet but still nothing happened.

At some point, it became clear that these rapid weight gains were related to water retention. Nobody gains two to three kilos in three to four days. I had two children, and in both pregnancies, I lost 10 kilos without eating more or less. After both pregnancies, I put that weight back on again within six to eight weeks. To put it this way, I sometimes really wonder why it has never occurred to doctors that there may be something wrong with me. In the meantime, a friend suggested I go and have a lipoedema check-up. I went to a doctor who diagnosed me with the disease, and shocked but somehow happy to have finally found the source of my problems, I was referred to a specialist. This specialist, on the other hand, said I didn't have lipoedema and gave me the address of a nutritionist.

I felt my world crumbling down. What else was there for me to do? In the meantime, I hardly ate anything and had not been doing so for years. I exercised daily, riding my bike, walking four to seven kilometres with our dog, gym, yoga. Nothing helped. Then, last year, the worst thing imaginable happened. I became very sick last year and gained seven kilos in three weeks. I could barely move around. My whole body was swollen. When I became healthy again at the end of the year, I told myself something has to change.

I went looking on the internet for ways to finally get my lymphatic system going again. Then I came across your bellicon®. It all sounded absolutely perfect, but it was too expensive for me as a young mother. After a long conversation with my husband, I decided to order the bellicon® and took the money from our savings. It was my last hope; at the age of 29, I was at the end of my tether, both physically and mentally. I was full of hope, and I was not disappointed. At 181 cm, I now weighed 126.7 kilos. I started with bouncing exercises the first few days and after only three days I noticed that my arms were really light. I was absolutely amazed. As far as I can remember, it was the first time in my life that I was able to read a newspaper with my arms raised without having to rest them on the table. After two weeks, I had lost seven kilos. In the meantime, I was able to jump while on the bellicon®. I've been training every day since then, because the only disadvantage of the bellicon® is that you can't stop ;-)

Now nine weeks have passed, and I am a completely different person. I have lost almost 16 kilos. I have a new attitude towards life, one I have never had before. I don't feel tired anymore, I'm full of energy. I can feel my entire body and all my muscles again. I am so grateful that I can hardly put it into words. I never expected it to be such a success. I'm now living almost free of pain. I've had pain all my life and now this. I really hope things will carry on like this for me.

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