Jumping for Joy with My New Bellicon!

Mdt8gMom 08.02.2015

I'm OVERJOYED that I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Bellicon! What a difference from the 2 rebounders I'd previously purchased!

I've been bouncing for about 3.5 years now as a cancer thriver now 5 years clean. I came across rebounding as a way to maintain health via the recommendation of cancer thriver Kris Carr. She uses another brand of rebounder, and I shopped around and bought yet another brand than the one she recommended. I was happy with it for about a year and a half before the springs really started to get noisy. It also delivered a fairly hard bounce, but that didn't bother me too much.

I then purchased a bungee rebounder and really liked it also and the bounce was much gentler on me than the previous one. After about 1.5 years, the bungees began to fray. When shopping for replacement bungees, I priced the Bellicon bungees and they were actually cheaper by $5 than the ones I was replacing. There was also a sale at the time on the Bellicons. While there was unfortunately a glitch where I wasn't able to take advantage of the sale, but I did take a "leap" (ha ha ha) of faith and order the Bellicon after consulting with Qibounding for my height and weight.

The improvement in my bouncing experience is INCREDIBLE. I just had no idea! I'm thrilled with my purchase, and that's even with the "low end," smaller Bellicon, which is still slightly larger than my previous rebounder. I would like to see a model with folding legs that also is recommended for air travel, but this is a small issue. Additionally, the legs on my previous rebounder, while not folding, were angled outward and had a nicer look and feel to them, but again, the bounce just doesn't compare to the bounce I'm experiencing now. This is the only reason I gave the Bellicon 4 stars vs. 5.

I would also like to see Bellicon videos by older people in their 50s and up, like myself. I can't keep up with the professional dancer Bellicon jumper who looks to be in her late 20s/early 30s! It might be that those videos are on the Bellicon Youtube site and I just haven't found them yet, but the ones that come with the 12 weeks of emails really haven't been very useful for me. The Qibounding site has some nice offerings. Then again, I enjoy going at my own pace freestyle and am very happy with the way I feel and with my weight. Nobody thinks I'm 53 :)

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