Isabelle Stadel 19.02.2021

Being diagnosed with osteopenia at 38, a preliminary stage towards osteoporosis, is not exactly what you want to hear. After extensive research, one thing became clear to me: regular exercise nourishes the bones. So I looked for a way of exercising every day that was also fun. Swimming and walking were just "good things to do" and wouldn't help keep my bones stable. Then I came across the company bellicon through the Deutsche Naturheilbund e. V. (German Natural Healing Association) and was able to get to know the training device. Enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to assemble it myself, I configured and ordered my bellicon®.

Since then, I have been training almost every day – I missed bouncing when I was on holiday. It enhances my quality of life and even if my weaker self discourages me, as soon as I stand on my mini trampoline and switch on a video, I quickly forget about it again.

Bellicon's recommendation for osteoporosis was to bounce for a quarter of an hour twice a day. For me, this was not so easy to implement in my everyday routine, which is why I set my personal training goal to at least half an hour a day; I can handle that very well.

Now I jump with fun and joy with all kinds of programmes, but I am a little cautious when it comes to exercises where you jump from the floor onto the trampoline because I am a little afraid of injuring myself. There is also a special programme to prevent osteoporosis.

I've been training with my bellicon® for about a year now, and it has really helped me build up bone mass again. This has been proven by various measurements.

I really recommend it to everyone and hope they have as much fun with it as I do.

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