Patricia 23.11.2014

My bellicon replaced an older rebounder that I had purchased from Sears.

I did not use my old rebounder as it was just to stiff and made my knees turn inwards when I jumped. I absolutely love my new bellicon and have used it everyday since I purchased it. I purchased the wider model and am so glad that I paid a little extra because it is nice when doing jumping jacks etc to have the room.

It is so heavenly to jump on and it has been effortless to lose 5 pounds by just jumping :) and it's fun. The quality of this unit is fantastic and although it is more expensive than other brands I believe that it will last many years.

One final note is that I was suffering with mild depression and two weeks into using my rebounder I could notice an uplift in my mood and just a overall sense of well being that has lasted since. I am so happy with my bellicon and will be using it for the rest of my life :)

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