J.K. 13.03.2016

It has now been almost a year since I ordered a bellicon® trampoline from you after a very friendly consultation. And at this point, I would just like to say thank you so much for the world's best training device!

After giving birth for the second time, I put on quite a few kilos and then had great problems with my pelvic floor. That's why my midwife more or less banned me from doing sports and advised me to start jogging again after a year or so. On top of that, with two small children, I just wouldn't have any time at all to go jogging.

Nevertheless, I wanted to do something to feel better again at last. I remembered trampolining as a sport and did some research on the internet. Fortunately, I came across you: BELLICON! My midwife was very sceptical and advised me not to do trampolining at first. I remained stubborn and found a lot of information on the subject "bellicon® and pelvic floor".

A very nice consultant on your team then told me about the positive effects bouncing on the bellicon® has on the pelvic floor and that I should initially only "bob up and down" to reactivate my pelvic floor muscles. I was so convinced and bought it!

So I started, from bobbing to bouncing, from bouncing to hopping and from hopping to jumping. With and without dumbbells, criss-cross and jumping jacks. I got a lot of suggestions on your YouTube channel!

Incredible, but true: after only five months, I was fit like never before and over 20 kg lighter! And I still am, of course! No, I didn't fit into my old jeans anymore because they became too big for me.

The bellicon® has become an indispensable part of my life! It's just the best, most motivating exercising device I've ever had! I use it for about 30 minutes almost every day. I've placed it in front of the TV so when I am not that motivated – which rarely happens – I start bouncing on it creating a small training programme from that.

Thank you very much for this great piece of sports equipment!


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