Now I get it!

Second Chance 14.02.2012

The bellicon is our first rebounder. I did a lot of research before settling on what everyone says is the best. Without anything to compare it to I feel we made the right choice. We knew going in that we wanted something quiet that we could put in the den while watching TV. And it needed to be durable enough to stand up to multiple bouncers. So far it's met all of our expectations. The quality of this product is undeniable. This has been the perfect therapy tool for our child who has motor stereotypy... totally worth the money for this alone. But then there's the benefit to the adults in the house. At first, I thought the bellicon had been over-hyped. While the jumping was fun at first, I just wasn't enjoying it as much as I had anticipated. I actually felt sore and had a strain in my lower back. And this was with only 2 minutes at a time, eventually going up to 10 minutes at a time. I chatted online with a bellicon representative, who confirmed that I did have the recommended band strength. She then suggested that I try jumping in shoes if I thought the bounce was too hard. I admit I had thought of that, but I was reluctant because I really liked the idea of just jumping on whenever the urge hit me, without having to gear up for a workout. But I tried it and it did seem to make a difference. With that said, it may not sound like a ringing endorsement of the bellicon, but it really is. After jumping in shoes for a few days, things really started to turn around. I realized I was actually trying to do too much too fast. I took a few days off to rest my body and when I came back to it things were so much better. Now I jump for 45 minutes to an hour at a time... and usually with no shoes! I just put on one of my favorite shows and the time goes by so quickly. If you think it's not working for you just stick with it. But still be mindful of what your body is telling you because you don't want to injure yourself. Build up slowly to your desired workout. I thought I'd have an easier time of it because I regularly jogged/walked on the treadmill prior to the rebounder. But it's taken me about a month and a half to build up to my current workout time. Now I really do look forward to it. My stamina has increased and I feel stronger. Really, I just feel better all around!

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