Top quality rebounder & 1st class customer service

Jackie Perkins 09.02.2021
I am so impressed with Bellicon, both as a company with first rate customer service and the quality, design and build of my new rebounder.

I've been saving up to buy one for a year or so and am so glad I finally made the plunge after my metal spring rebounder gave up on me. I'm amazed by the difference in my workouts since making the switch and can really feel the difference in my legs. Totally worth every penny and you can tell it will stand the test of time, plus if anything does go wrong they make spare parts.
I spent the extra on a model with foldable legs which is excellent for space saving and so quick and easy to store away. I was really tempted to buy a mid range rebounder at a fraction of the cost but kept reading the terrible reviews people were leaving - and every review of Bellicon was outstanding. I can see why - top quality, top marks. Another satisfied customer 🙏
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