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Nothing that sits in the corner and collects dust
Brian Flatter 17.10.2018
A friend of mine purchased a bellicon and really turned me on to the idea of getting a rebounder. I was unsure about spending a premium so I initially purchased a competitors rebounder. The construction and design was very similar so I thought I would have a good experience. It was great for about a month, but then the bungees started to fail one by one. The company worked with me for a while to ...
Best rebounder on the market
Beth 17.09.2018
Love Bellicon- best re bounder on the market. My 10 year old daughter is obsessed with this. She uses it everyday and is great exercise for all ages!
It is a great workout and so easy on the joints. I also use it with light weights. Highly recommend!!! ...
The best, safest and most effective
Gerry Reid 15.09.2018
I'm 83 years young and have studied and been a"rebounder " for over thirty years. My first rebounder had a lifetime guarantee and I gave it to my granddaughter a few years ago, after buying my first Bellicon trampoline..
I am convinced from all I've read that it is the best, safest and most effective form of exercise for all ages.
My routine is to bounce @ 20-30 minutes a day, with 4 # ...
The rebounder makes all the difference
Elizabeth 16.09.2018
When I first learned about the health benefits of using a rebounder, I bought an inexpensive unit at Sports Authority. My back would feel jarred, it was noisy and too small. I decided to go for the Bellicon after reading about the quality build of it, and I am SO HAPPY I gave rebounding another chance. Now I get on it every morning and look forward to it. I feel great afterwards, ready for the ...
Love it
Cynthia 30.07.2018
I love the bellicon feels so good on my knees and hips. And the bounds is so much better then the cheap one I had. I love it ty ...
Everyone should own a bellicon
Angie Davidson on Facebook 21.12.2017
Everyone should own a bellicon It's a perfect way to exercise for everyone - no matter what age they are. My shape has changed - particularly my legs/butt/stomach which all toned up. My core is also much better, I am very stable now which has to be of great benefit as I age. Bellicon does exactly what it promises - improvement all round in general health and fitness. If you're concerned about the cost don't be. It is an investment, but the difference between a bellicon and other rebounders is immense.
The exercise on the bellicon® does something different
Max Rankin 02.03.2015
My bellicon® rebounder arrived today, and it is excellent. The bounce seems to be longer top to bottom (with my feet just leaving the trampoline) than I could achieve on my previous spring rebounder while bouncing way off the surface, and it's much smoother, quieter and more robust.
The bellicon® is an outstanding product
Jacob Raavig 27.03.2015

"I picked up the bellicon® today and have just tested it on my own. What a fantastic experience - I must say that I am really impressed! The bellicon® is an outstanding product and not comparable to any minitrampolin that I ever tested before."

Replaces a complete fitness studio
Rolf Gramlich

"It is my opinion that the bellicon® replaces a complete fitness studio (I have therefore cancelled my membership). For me it is the perfect all over body device. I use it for targeted “weight bearing” exercises, but also to train my cross-country and down-hill condition, simultaneously training my balance. As I’m an enthusiastic biker, I can confirm that I’ve also noticed an improved sense of balance when riding. I do my running training on the device as well. It feels like running in deep snow and is the ideal way to train the muscles in your upper leg and backside. Therefore I’m very enthusiastic.

The bellicon® can really not be compared to other, supermarket trampolines that I have tried (excluding the garden variety). I’ve already told all my friends and acquaintances how satisfied I am and they all want to purchase one after trying it out."

Never again a different rebounder!
Elke Rüdenauer

"I love my bellicon®! For 8 years now I’ve been using a rebounder daily, except when on holiday or seriously ill. During this time I’ve used 4 different kinds: The first one was a cheap one, and very quickly I and my back came to the conclusion that I needed a proper trampoline with a brand name.

As I wanted to get the best physical and mental effect possible from training on the trampoline for short periods of time, I spent a bit more money on a metal sprung trampoline, only to conclude that my back didn’t feel very comfortable with this either.

I didn’t give up though and bought a more gentle, metal sprung trampoline with the same brand name and carried on with my daily exercises.

At some point I heard about the rope ring suspended trampolines from bellicon® and asked them to send us one. I got on to the bellicon® and felt as if I was on “cloud nine”. To me it was clear; never again will I use another kind of rebounder to get the cells in my body moving. Where I live one would say: »it is the Mercedes amongst trampolines«. I couldn’t have anticipated this, until the bellicon® was standing in my living room.

Both my 13 and 16 year old sons also couldn’t deny the fun factor of the bellicon and continue to use it often. I recently had a quick go on my old metal sprung trampoline and thought: “no, it’s really no good anymore!” Once a bellicon – forever a bellicon®!

And this is how I now enjoy my daily 15-20 minutes on my bellicon, independent of the weather, with good music and with every cell in my body happy!"